Indian Grooms Series: Bachelor Party Menu Ideas

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A bachelor party isn’t complete without great food and that’s why we’ve dedicated this article to discussing what’s hot and what’s not to include in your bachelor party menu. If you’ve decided to treat the lucky groom to a meal at his favourite restaurant, that’s actually quite a cool idea considering that you don’t have to bother about doing the dishes or about cleaning up either! But assuming that you would rather enjoy a fun meal at home with the rest of the gang, here are a few ideas that are worth considering:


mexican fooditalian home food

Takeaways or Home Deliveries- There are so many restaurants and joints that would be more than happy to deliver to the party venue (although some are likely to charge extra for delivery!) giving you the freedom to plan a mix of cuisines (how about ordering Italian, Mexican & Chinese together?) as well. Going with just one cuisine is undoubtedly easier but mixing up the dishes in your bachelor party menu gives your guests a tantalizing array of sour, sweet, creamy and spicy to choose from. Besides, no two taste buds are alike and you’ll score a better chance of pleasing everybody by putting together an interesting spread. All you then have to take care of is providing the cutlery, glasses, etc.



fresh pizzajumbo sandwiches

Fast’ Food- No, we do not suggest that you dial your favourite pizzeria and ask them to deliver one hour before midnight, but what we do suggest is surprising everybody with their own individual pizza, calzone or jumbo sandwich instead. If cooking really isn’t your thing, then how about asking the guests to put together the ingredients for their own pizza or sandwich instead? Firstly, you can be assured that there won’t be any food wastage and most importantly, everybody gets to eat something they really like. All you need to do is to buy either ready to eat pizza bases or loaves of sandwich bread along with some basic ingredients, cheeses, dips and sauces. Baking these in an oven or microwave is really child’s play!



finger foodsfried finger foods

Finger Foods- Fingers foods are always a great idea to serve at all parties and it’s not surprising to see a minimum of at least 5 such ‘bite-sized’ options feature in many bachelor party menus. They’re easy to serve, aren’t messy, can be prepared at leisure or even purchased from supermarkets. In fact, you’re likely to find some really good finger food options that are available in sealed frozen packs as well. Chips, French fries, nuggets, mini samosas, momos, spring rolls, chicken wings, mini hot dogs and cheese balls are just a few of the yummy options you’ll find. Be warned- these snacks are high in calories but undoubtedly make any party that much exciting.

Have any yummy ideas that can be included in a bachelor party food menu? Write in to us!



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