Indian Groom’s Series: How To Choose A Wedding Proposal Planner

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In our last article, we introduced you to the concept of wedding proposal planners who are the experts to go to when you want an out of this world unique proposal. But, with so many names floating round, how do you choose the wedding proposal planner that’s the right one for you? We help you out with a few tips:

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Meet your wedding proposal planner in person. True, this is the digital age where emails and text messages are preferred over in-person communication, but talking face to face still wins hands down! There’s a lot you can tell about a person by just meeting them over a cup of coffee, which may not be possible when you’re reading an email that has been typed out after much thought and care. Besides, assuming that you will be spending quite a bit of time working out the proposal details later; don’t you want to know whether your planner and you can get along?



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Give them a budget. The right wedding proposal planner will be open to suggesting and executing a proposal that fits within your budget without making grandiose suggestions that just make you feel guilty. Avoid proposal planners who only work on larger than life and Cindrella type proposals as they make not be able to stretch any budget you give them to the maximum. Some planners even have proposal packages which have all the basic elements that are needed for a dream proposal. These money savers are worth checking out too.



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Take a look at the wedding proposal planner’s portfolio. Sure, a proposal planner can drop high flying celebrity names and claim to be chums with society’s elite, but it’s wise to go by the proposal profiles that can be viewed in the portfolio. A planner who hesitates to show you his or her work is a no- no at any rate, no matter how low their services may be. Ask to see a portfolio of still photos as well as videos of any other proposals the planner has worked on.



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Get feedback from any couple who have worked with the wedding proposal planner before. It’s always good to know what the actual couple felt like when working with the planner and also about their general experience. It’s important to know if the planner will be personally handling your proposal or if the same will be delegated to a junior team member. In addition, it’s also a must to work with a planner who can foresee any future problems and who can prepare for the same beforehand.


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