Indian Groom’s Series: Creative Wedding Proposal Ideas

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Type the words ‘wedding proposal ideas’ in Google and you’ll be hit instantly with countless search results. Yet, irrespective of how many good or great ideas there are, making a wedding proposal truly your own can be quite difficult too, unless you take the services of a wedding proposal planner. While digging deeper and learning more about the many concepts behind wedding proposals and also about the many ways in which they can be executed, we came across yet another interesting idea- creative wedding proposals.

As the name suggests, these ideas can be ‘moulded’ to suit your partner’s expectations and are undoubtedly fun too. But, be warned- creative wedding proposals do require plenty of effort, thought and time as well:


scavenger huntscavenger hunts

Scavenger Hunts- There are two types of scavenger hunts. One, which involves following clues that are set in a fixed location like a house. The second type of hunt involves going to multiple places and can even be spread out over two or three days. We like the second idea because there’s so much you could pack within a timeframe of 48 hours. Besides sending your girl zipping across from one part of the town to the other, include a few personal treats like a massage at the spa, enclose money to buy a dress or add a paid hairstyling session at her favourite saloon. She will love the sweet surprise that awaits!


book proposalphoto book proposal

Photo Book- Let’s assume you’ve been together for quite a few years and you have many moments that have been beautifully captured on camera. A great way to build up the suspense is by collecting those photographs and then compiling them into your own customized story-book. Tell the story of how you two met, of new hobbies explored together or even of a few poignant moments in your relationship. Attach the ring to some ribbon and paste this ribbon at the end of the book. On the very last page, write the words ‘Will you Marry me?’. This is a wonderful keepsake that can be handed down to the next generation too.


freeze mob proposalfreeze mob

Freeze Mob: We’ll all heard of lavish flash mob proposals, but what if the people all around you just froze or stood as they were without moving, making a sound or twitching their faces? You get the feeling that time has actually stood still just for you and that’s what a freeze mob proposal is all about. You could hire musicians, dancers or other performers to help make this creative wedding proposal come true or you could even throw your own party by inviting both families and then get them to ‘freeze’ just before you pop the question. It’s fun no doubt and works well for a much more intimate setting too.

Like our creative wedding proposal ideas? If you have one of your own to share, write in to us today.



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