Indian Groom’s Series: Cute Outdoor Proposals

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Proposing with ring in hand at a restaurant isn’t for everyone, and there’s no shame in wishing that you could have some real privacy with your partner away from prying curious eyes. Outdoor proposals have been quietly doing the rounds for a while and here are some cute outdoor proposal ideas that are worth considering. Of course, to make the proposal truly yours, add your own spin to it.


beach proposalbeach proposal

At the Beach: Beach and romance go hand in hand, which is one reason why beach weddings are such a favourite with couples. With the warm sun shining above, the smell of water everywhere and the sight of the foaming blue sea- you have all the components for a romantic setting come together perfectly for you. Take her on a surprise picnic and if you don’t mind spending some time in the kitchen, rustling up a small snack or a full course meal will certainly add to the romance. Take a bottle of bubbly along to raise a toast for the journey ahead.



garden proposal

public spot proposal

While taking a Walk: Spending time together doesn’t always have to consist of a meal at a restaurant, watching a movie at the multiplex or shopping at a mall. Experts say that investing time in just talking and listening to each other for at least fifteen minutes a day will do more for the relationship than all the diamonds in the world! Having said that, why not ask her to join you for an evening walk at the park and then pop the question? We think it will be a walk to remember for life.



flash mob proposalflash mob proposal

Flash mob Proposal: There’s nothing like a flash mob proposal to add some excitement and drama to a proposal, making it a must-try outdoor proposal idea for the really bravehearted. Flash mob proposals need plenty of rehearsals, choreography and even a script to be pulled off without a hitch which is why we suggest taking the help of a proposal planner for this. On the other hand, you could still direct your own flash mob proposal by asking friends, colleagues and family members to pitch in as well.



outdoor proposaladventure trip proposal

Outdoor Activity: Any one outdoor hobby that both of you love could act as the backdrop for an outdoor proposal. For example, if you both love trekking then propose to her at high altitude (you’ll make her feel on top of the world!), if you both love cycling then take her on a biking trip alone or if you both are just about to try a new adventure sport then why not propose after? Make any occasion sweeter with some flowers and wine to celebrate.




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