Indian Groom’s Series: Marriage Proposal Don’ts

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We took a look at some important marriage proposal do’s, and it’s only natural that this week, we follow up with a few important don’ts as well. Read on:


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Don’t be in a rush to get married. There’s a good reason why one sees so many relationships falling apart these days and one reason that experts says is responsible is our inherent need to feel ‘wanted’ and ‘desired’ by a special someone. Add to that, society’s unwritten diktat that a woman or man is complete only when marriage enters the picture, and what have you? It usually adds up to couples saying ‘I Do’ when they barely know each other at all! On the other hand, taking your time in a relationship is wise and will help prevent any future heart-breaks.



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Don’t put the ring in any food items or drinks and then serve it to her. We’ve watched the engagement scene multiple times in Hollywood flicks, where the girl is sipping her milkshake or bites into an ice-cream only to discover a king sized diamond ring in there. It may look very romantic on screen, but it could turn out to be a very fatal accident in real life and the last thing you want to do is to rush her to the nearest hospital, instead of hearing a happy ‘Yes’.



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Don’t ever propose a joke. Our lives are no longer as private as they ought to be and plenty of videos are going viral, in the name of garnering the most number of views. A marriage proposal is serious by all means and making a joke of it by humiliating the girl who is being proposed to is uncalled for. If all you want to do is play a prank, do so in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody’s sentiments in the long run, but if that’s the case, then forget about doing so through a marriage proposal.


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Don’t be unprepared. All guys love to hear an excited ‘yes’ and then get hugged, but how should you deal with the situation if the answer is a firm ‘no’? One way to do so would be to have a serious conversation with the girl about how you feel and get her feedback on where she thinks the relationship is headed. Never force a girl through emotional blackmail to respond positively to your marriage proposal. Rejection often offers a good opportunity to sit down and think about things clearly.


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