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Every little girl is told fairy- tales about a ‘prince who will come looking for her one day and who will marry her’. Not surprising then that every woman dreams of being proposed to in the most romantic way possible- which also makes a guy’s job twice as tough, we think! History tells us stories and legends of kings who spent days and nights trying to woo their lady loves and who never hesitated to go the distance when it came to proving their love and dedication.



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All said and done, a proposal is a very intimate moment for both your woman and you. In an arranged marriage setting, it is usually the groom’s parents who initiate the talk about a possible alliance between the two families. However, that doesn’t mean that a romantic marriage proposal by the groom is completely ruled out either! When it comes to romance of course, love truly has no bounds and there are so many ways to let your loved one know that you’re ready for the next big step. But do remember, your romantic marriage proposal is likely to be the hot topic of discussion for months to come and is bound to regularly come up every now and then. So, why not take a bit of time to plan how to make that moment extra special so that it makes both of you smile in the many years to come? We’ll be sharing our top romantic marriage proposal ideas with you, so feel free to get inspired and to add your own magical touch to the moment.

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If you’d like utmost privacy while popping the question, consider having a candle-light dinner at your apartment for just the two of you. With some soft music playing and a bottle of champagne ready, it’s truly all you need to set the mood. Many reputed restaurants also offer VIP & couples seating facilities which also give you plenty of privacy, so this too is an idea worth considering.



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Picnics may be associated with one’s childhood, but spending some time together in the open outdoors, enjoying some quiet-time and then proposing is quite romantic. Or how about simply going for a walk together and then popping the question?




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Assuming that the two of you have had many opportunities to spend some time with each other alone, how about proposing at a place that is important to the two of you? It could be at a coffee bar where you shared a great conversation, at the theatre where you watched a memorable play together, at your favourite restaurant or even at another public spot. In fact, proposing at a place that is important to a couple is a much-loved timeless romantic proposal idea.

We’ll be back next with more romantic proposal ideas. Stay tuned!


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