Indian Groom’s Series: Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas 2

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As promised, we’re back with more exciting romantic marriage proposal ideas that are guaranteed to make your girl swoon with happiness:

scavenger hunt proposalscavenger hunt proposal

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep your girl guessing, then adding a spot of ‘mystery’ to the actual proposal is always a lot of fun and that’s why this tip is for couples who are always up for a bit of adventure. Sending your girl on a treasure hunt and eventually leading her to the engagement ring will undoubtedly score you plenty of brownie points. But try not to make the treasure hunt too tedious or too long as you don’t want to spoil the surprise either. Rhyming clues or short poems will get your girl thinking hard!

romantic proposalsurprise proposal

‘ I get by with a little help from my friends’ goes the lyrics of a very popular Beatles’ song and when you want to make the occasion a little more special and warm, your pals and your girl’s best friends are really all the company you need. Since the idea is to keep the actual proposal a surprise, one of the best ways to make the nigh special is by taking the gang out to a club for some partying and then asking the DJ or the live band to play some of your partner’s favourite tunes. In the midst of the music, propose to her with the ring and there’s no way she’ll ever say ‘no’!

photo collagecrazy proposal

Let’s assume that you’ve been planning to propose to her for quite a while but you still haven’t found a way to make it extra romantic. This will take plenty of time and effort on your part but making a collage of your photos together (like a powerpoint presentation) along with romantic instrumental music playing in the background does make a wonderful proposal in itself. The huge plus point that such presentations offer is that they not serve as great reminders of the times spent together, but these are little pieces that can be watched and re-watched over the years to come. Nothing like a hint of nostalgia to tug at one’s heart-strings! Or declare your love on multiple sign posts just like the picture above and you’ll have a grand tale to tell your kids one day.

No matter how you plan to propose, never do it via a text message or through one of those instant messaging applications. A romantic marriage proposal is made just once in a life-time and that’s why it’s worth your time and thought. We’ll be back with a few more classic romantic marriage proposal ideas in our next article, so keep reading.

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