Indian Groom’s Series: Social Media Wedding Proposals

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How many times do you check your Facebook account in a single day? You’re not alone if you check yours around ten times a day. Considering that social media has crept into our lives in a quiet yet steady manner, is it any surprise that grooms these days aren’t afraid to use social media as a powerful wedding proposal tool?


website wedding proposal

So do guys really propose marriage to girls on Facebook? Yes, and it doesn’t stop there. Instagram proposals, Twitter proposals and YouTube proposals are very much a reality. What adds to the excitement could be the fact that the whole world becomes your audience (unless you choose to tweak your account privacy settings) and that also means receiving plenty of comments from your friends circle. So, in a way social media wedding proposals are public proposals except that the audience is often an invisible one! Here’s what you need to keep in mind when planning a social media wedding proposal:


facebook proposal

The first question to answer is do you really want to make your wedding proposal a public one? If yes, do you feel your partner would be excited and happy at the thought of receiving a social media proposal from you? While some girls may cringe at the thought, there are many more who would be thrilled of being proposed to in such a unique way. So which category does your partner come under?



twitter wedding proposal

Secondly, do you know which social media platform your partner prefers to use? Some people stay away from more popular websites like Facebook and prefer to use more private forums instead. If your partner doesn’t have an Instagram account, proposing to her via that website doesn’t make sense, unless you can motivate her to be excited about signing up. Knowing your partner’s social media website preferences and even the number of times she visits social media platforms daily is important.



instagram wedding proposal

Look at the bright side- the most popular social media websites are all free! But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put on your thinking cap when it comes to making your social media wedding proposal a special one. The good part is that you’ll get plenty of inspirational ideas for free from the net (check out this page) and that will help you put together your own special online wedding proposal. We suggest taking the help of friends and family to help pull it off grandly; that way there won’t be any nasty shocks later either!




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