Indian Groom’s Series: Wedding Proposals Starring Friends & Family

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A new trend in wedding proposals is currently doing the rounds and that includes approaching family members and friends to help make the wedding proposal a rounding success. Before taking the wedding proposal planning any further with dear ones, here are a few points to keep in mind:


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Be wise when deciding which of your friends and other family members you can trust your upcoming surprise wedding proposal, with. It’s best to confide in just a handful of people or even in just one person because that way you can be certain that there’s lesser chance of your surprise being ruined. Another good way to deal with this situation is to take the help of the friend or family member without letting them know exactly what they’re helping out with! For example, you could keep them updated on a need to know basis like telling them that you’re looking for ways to make your partner feel special or that you need their help in picking out the perfect flowers for an important occasion. You can bet that your ‘accomplice’ will be truly surprised when he or she eventually finds out about the proposal!



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If you’re willing to go the extra mile in making this proposal special, then include the ones who your partner just can’t do without- best friend included. The great thing about girlie besties is that they often know the many intimate details that your partner may not discuss with you. And when it comes to such a happy moment like proposing out of the blue, your partner’s best friend may be just the one accomplice that you need. She can help get your partner to the proposed venue on time, go ring shopping with you and even give you details about your partner’s daily schedule (in case you don’t know it already!). Your partner’s best friend can help you make your wedding proposal extra perfect.



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If you really want dear ones to be present when you’re proposing but you would prefer to keep it a surprise, then it’s a good idea to think about proposing at a family gathering such as at a loved one’s birthday party, after a puja function or  any religious or any other festive occasion. But do remember that even then, it’s important not to steal the limelight from the purpose of the gathering as that could hurt the sentiments of the others.



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We hope our points help you bring your dream wedding proposal to life. Write in to us with your feedback and comments.



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