Indian Weddings Abroad: Money Saving Tips For Guests

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Indian weddings, as we all know, are elaborate and costly affairs-not just for the people hosting them; even for the guests. And this is not just true of the weddings held in India; but also of the ones held abroad.


If you have been invited to an Indian wedding before, then you already know of the ‘no expense spared attitude’ during such proceedings. But, if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending one before; then do follow these money-saving tips that can help you participate in the fun without breaking the bank:


  1. Many female guests choose to wear the Sari when attending an Indian wedding. The norm is that the sari should either be made out of silk, Georgette and other expensive materials. Additionally, wedding saris also need embellishments like brocade etc and these can further add to the costs! Female guests belonging to different cultures find no use for the sari, once the event is over. Thankfully; there are affordable options available for such guests including sari rental stores. Majority of these rental stores have online booking facility; they also send you a guide for draping the sari! This can considerably reduce the hassles for guests who have never draped a sari before! Additionally, there are stores where you can buy saris for a lot less than usual-a little bit of research in the matter can help you find one easily. Likewise, for the male guests wanting to get into the spirit of Indian tradition; there are shops which rent Sherwanis, Kurtas, Jodhpuri suits etc.
  2. If you have been invited to the bride’s Mehendi night, ensure that you know Mehendi artists charge money for drawing these patterns. Often they charge an hourly rate. So guests looking to save may forgo having one drawn, or simply choose a simpler and smaller pattern. In other cases, artists charge on a per hand/foot basis. Knowing this in advance can help you choose the cheaper alternative.
  3.  Many Indian couples getting married abroad ask guests for no-boxed gifts. This means gifts in the form of money-in-envelopes. These situations can get a bit awkward for the guests; one has to gift a reasonable amount without it costing them the ‘proverbial arm and leg’. In such cases; the best option is to pool money with other attendees in order to collect a significant amount for the couple.
  4. Finally, this tip is for the out-of-town guests attending the Indian weddings. You might want to consider booking your accommodation in advance, in order to get a hotel room that is decently priced. You might also want to consider sharing the accommodation with another guest to split the price. The same is true of travel arrangements. Book in advance, car pool and or use the public transport facilities to save money.
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These are a few tips for guests attending the Big Fat Indian Wedding abroad. Have you been to an Indian wedding outside India? Then do tell us your experiences!

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