Is Your Wedding Caterer Telling You Everything?

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No matter who you choose to cater your wedding meals, you must ask them several questions before signing the contract. This way, no details will be missed in getting the service you deserve for this most special occasion. You certainly mustn’t turn the shy-bride (or groom) when it comes to interviewing your wedding suppliers. Presenting some of the most important questions every couple-to-be must ask their wedding caterers:

Business Matters

  1. Are you available on the chosen date?
  2. What are my best options considering my budget?
  3. How do you accept payment? Do you take credit card? Do I need to pay upfront-if yes, how much?
  4. What is the final cost estimate? Is the per-plate charge fixed and if not, by how much is it likely to vary?
  5. Do you charge differently for kids meals?
  6. How much does the wedding cake cost-if they  provide it?
  7. How do you charge for the beverages- per consumption or per person?
  8. By what date do you need the final guest count?
  9. Do we get a discount if we have a certain number of guests? (In short: do we need to guarantee certain number of guests?)
  10. Are gratuities and tips included in the final cost or should they be paid separately? Are there any hidden fees and surcharges?
  11. What are your refund and cancellation policies?
  12. Do you offer table serve meals or/and buffet meals? What is the price difference pertaining to these?
  13. How many servers will be available on the day?
  14. If the event happens to run longer, will we be charged overtime for it?
  15. Can you provide us with references from ex-clients?
  16. Can you show us photos of your food arrangement styles?
  17. Can we take a look at your standard contract?

Food and Drinks

guests at Indian wedding eating delicious food-Indian wedding catering

  1. Do you have a special wedding menu which is preset/fixed or can we customize it as per our needs? Can you prepare the food to conform to our wedding theme?
  2. We have a special recipe (an appetizer or main course item) that we want prepared for the day. Do you specialize in it? Can you arrange to have a drink or dessert named after the bride/groom?
  3. We have a group of guests having special dietary requirements (vegetarian food, allergies, or kosher food, certain styles of meat/fish etc). Can provide the same?
  4. Where do you source your meats/ produce from?
  5. Do you arrange a food sampling? Is this charged separately?
  6. Do you also provide the wedding cake? If not do you charge a cake cutting fee? If yes, can you provide us with sample photos?
  7. Do you provide alcohol? How do you charge for it? How long is this served? Can we bring our own?
  8. Is tea/coffee included in the price? What brands do you include? Do you also offer herbal/green tea and decaf varieties?

Service and decor

wedding catering service

  1. How will the servers be dressed? What is your staff-to-guest ratio?
  2. Can you present the food in a particular theme?
  3. What kind of silverware, linen and chairs/tables will be used? Can you arrange for upgraded linen and tableware for our wedding?
  4. Do you have special decor for appetizer/dessert/buffet stations?
  5. Who will be the contact person/banquet manager on the day?
  6. Do you also arrange for the lighting, speciality decoration etc in the venue?
  7. How much time will you take for table arrangement and breakdown?
  8. Will you set up a separate station for other vendors to eat? How much do you charge for it?

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