Jewellery essentials for bride’s arms and hands

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Indian brides are decked in jewellery from head to toe. Each body part is beautified using stunning jewellery pieces. Arms and hands are no exception. The henna clad hands are made to look super gorgeous with intricate and fashionable jewellery. We have put together a list of jewellery essentials for the bride’s arms and hands. 


It is a traditional piece of jewelry worn around the upper arm. It comes in various designs, and can range from being a simple chain-like piece, to an elaborate piece with an ornate pendant.




Bangles are considered a symbol of holy matrimony in India. They come in various hues, designs, and materials. In North India, brides wear red and white, ivory bangles, and they continue to wear them for months after their wedding as a sign of a newlywed woman. Kangans are broad and intricately carved bangles made of Gold, or in some cases, other precious metals. In some parts of India, brides wear red or green glass bangles.



Just in case you did not know, this traditional piece of jewelry is back in vogue. Hath-phool literally means hand flower. It is a hand piece consisting of a central focal usually in the shape of a flower, which is connected from one end to a bracelet, and the other ends join up with rings in all the five fingers. It is a big hit only in India, but in International circuits as well.



Rings are an essential piece of jewelry for any bride. For a more royal-look brides can go for an arsi, which is a large flat ring with a piece of glass in the center.



Earlier, Kalirey are worn essentially by North Indian brides, but these days, they have become extremely popular with brides across India wearing them. They are dangling ornaments in gold color that are attached to the chooda.


So, add these jewellery pieces to your shopping list, and get ready to flaunt those beautifully embellished hands. Stay tuned for more style tips!!


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