Latest Wedding Trends Doing The Rounds This Season- 3

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In our last article on this season’s wedding trends, we take a closer look at what’s hot and new with respect to wedding themes and food:



Wedding Themes: Not long ago, themes like vintage, garden parties and cafe style weddings were associated more with European weddings than with Indian ones. However, these days it seems like Indian newlyweds are eager to include such themes in their ceremonies as well, thus giving wedding planners the added challenge of merging European elements with Indian ones for a unique fusion wedding. Lounge chairs, little booths, wooden tables and the menu written clearly on chalkboard are a few staples that can be spotted at cafe style and garden themed weddings. Needless to say, it all adds up to a very memorable wedding trend indeed.




Live meal Counters: Long never ending buffet tables with a 100 dishes are all passé these days, because mini live counters and food trucks are now in demand instead. The good thing about having multiple live counters is that there is something for everyone and there’s nothing better than watching your food being cooked just for you the way you like it and that too in front of you! Not surprisingly, couples prefer to have counters serving a mix of cuisines such as Pan Asian, Mexican, Italian and even Continental in addition to regular Indian favourites. Food trucks that are nicely decorated and which have individual themes can no doubt enhance the venue.




Customized Menus: Which one would you prefer- spaghetti in white sauce & chicken or spaghetti in cream with Tandoori Masala? Chances are that you’d be eager to try the second option because it sounds, well, just different. That’s exactly what brides & grooms these days want for wedding guests too. Old time favourites are given a new twist or new appetizers and dishes are actually re-created so that guests are treated to something new. Even desserts are given a new spin. Think ras malai ice-cream, gulab jamun with cream and dried fruits or even a fusion dessert such as chocolate sponge with rabdi. Special dishes on the menu are undoubtedly this season’s favourite wedding trend.


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