Lingerie Suggestions For Different Body Shapes- Part 2

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We hope you enjoyed going through our last article on Lingerie Suggestions for Different Body Shapes. We’re back with more tips this week. So, let’s get started!


Curvaceous Women: Indian women have naturally curvy silhouettes, so it was only fair that we explored lingerie options for this body shape first. For those who hate their curves and wish they had a slimmer figure, let us be the first to tell you that curves rock. You only need to look at the way a personality like Vidya Balan carries herself, to know how blessed you really are! There’s again this popular myth that curvy women never get sexy wear their size and even if they do, they don’t look good in it.

The trick really is to decide the one or two features on your body that you want to highlight and then pick up lingerie which does just that. For instance, if you’d like to show off your cleavage a bit, go for underwired lacy brassieres with high-waist underwear that will give you a slimmer look. Assuming you want another underwear option, try boy shorts because they are so comfy and you’ll get them in really nice colours too. For the bedroom, wear a babydoll which will cover your tummy properly (assuming that’s your problem area) or wear a corset with a plunging neckline if your waist is a problem area. The best part about corsets is that they highlight the bust line and the back-side so well. Either way, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

45Slim Figures: It honestly is not unusual to find slim Indian women who wish they were curvier in all the right places! But we say that if you have a really slim silhouette, then all you need is figure enhancing lingerie which will add that oomph factor to whatever you are wearing. For everyday wear, go with a push-up brassiere as that can give you a lift where needed or with an underwire one for added support. If you’re in the mood to get a bit naughtier, how about trying a brassiere with padding as that will enhance your bust while making you feel so much sexier.

For the bedroom, you have so many great options to try. But since, the focus is on highlighting your assets; we believe that you should show them off proudly. For that very reason, a comfy bustier should be your best friend in the bedroom. A bustier will enhance your cleavage and add curves wherever appropriate, so that you have a fuller figure without even trying! If you would still like to try a corset, go ahead but go for one with a plunging neckline. Teddies which are one-piece lingerie suits are also a great idea as they will show off your figure quite well.


Athletic Figures: Staying fit is really important and just because you have a well toned body with a slight muscular build, it does not mean that wearing lingerie which is usually associated with the really feminine types is off- limits. However, lingerie at the end of the day is meant to bring out your inner ‘woman’ and the intention is to look feminine and sexy at the same time. So, instead of hiding such a trim figure under layers of clothing, here’s what you really ought to do.

Opt for lingerie and daily inner wear that has plenty of intricate details such as laces, bows, embroidery, self-designs and the like. If, such ‘girlie’ stuff isn’t your thing, don’t worry because you will feel wonderful in a simple coloured halter-neck brassiere with low-rise panties as well. Or go for padded brassieres which have feminine designs such as polka dots and swirls as they will truly make a difference. Such a fab body should be highlighted and if your toned arms are your best feature then show them off in a corset worn with garters and stockings. Avoid babydolls and nightgowns as they cover almost half the body but chemises when paired with lycra hot pants can show off your svelte figure really well too.

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