Living In Before Saying I Do – Why Indian Couples Are Going For It

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Gone are the days when the bride and the groom would see each other for the first time at the altar, amidst a crowd of over-eager family, friends and relatives. In fact; a bride looking straight into the eyes of her groom was unimaginable back then. Cut to the present day of speed dating and we have some major changes! Men and women are meeting over a cup of coffee, going out on trips together, exploring the world and, at the same time, exploring new dimensions of each other’s personalities, falling in love, getting their hearts broken and moving on. In such a world where nobody is afraid of jumping into the unknown anymore, ‘living in’ has logically found its due relevance, shedding the inhibitions and taboos attached earlier.


So what’s the reason that is making modern couples live in as roommates before tying the knot? Is it just the convenience factor or the thrill of enjoying togetherness without a signed paper or something deeper? Let’s find out what’s so compelling about being roommates first before becoming man and wife.

Get a perspective

It’s a proven fact that two people cannot claim to be in love with each other until they both have witnessed their worst possible selves. Yes, unless you discover the darker side of each other, you cannot practically decide whether you can be in love with that person forever. Forever can be tricky indeed. But during the dating phase, you also tend to focus on impressing the other person. One might not reveal one’s true self or the grey areas of one’s personality, fearing rejection. But once two people share the same roof, they gradually come out of this shell and be themselves in the truest sense. There may be bitter fights over the past, over money issues and even about sharing chores. And these will be the real test of the relationship. They will give you a perspective about whether you want to take things forward with the same person or not.

Really discover each other

Now, let’s talk about the bad habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of the person you are in love with. Maybe, it’s his style, good nature or the ability to express himself so well in words that have drawn you towards him. He looks every bit perfect on every date. But what if he is not that organized when it comes to handling household matters? Or, maybe, it’s his snoring that’s not impressive? At the same time, he will also discover weird habits you take care not to reveal.

Get a taste of the real thing

This is where living in comes in rescue. You get a real taste of what it’d be like to spend the rest of your life with the one. You can say it’s the net practice before you take the plunge. After all, break up is always a little easier than a divorce.

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