How to Look Good Without Makeup

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Have you ever seen a woman leaving her house without makeup? Forget seeing, it is even hard to imagine, especially since makeup is considered to be every woman’s prerogative. So whether it’s just about going to the nearby grocery store or attending a wedding/party, women cannot step outdoors without makeup. But, there is a different beauty in a bare face. Time and again, people discuss about no-makeup beauty. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities often make big headlines with their no-makeup look. Therefore, we can see that there is also a demand for makeup-free faces. But what about the uneven skin tone? What about that every little mark which we all try to hide using makeup? How can you go out with those negative things exposed to all? Well, we have an answer here. Here, we will discuss about the ways and tips to look equally good without makeup.

1. Proper skin-care: To look beautiful without makeup you need to take care of your skin even when you wear makeup. Yes, cleanse your face properly after you have worn makeup all day. Do not go to bed with makeup on your skin.

2. Right grooming: Highlight your natural features. Maintaining your eyebrows regularly can give your face a groomed, clean and smart look.

3. Self-confidence: We all have blemishes, scars and such not-so-good things on our faces. But, if you are ‘okay’ with those flaws, if you are confident in your own skin, that will make you beautiful right away.

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4. Wear your smile: Nothing makes a woman more beautiful and gorgeous than a smiling face. Surveys say guys vote smiling faces over those buried under makeup.

5. Right haircut: A cool haircut is the key to look good without makeup. So trim your mane regularly and get a nice haircut. You will feel good and you will look good.

6. Daily nutrition: Bad or lack of proper nutrition shows up on your skin making it look dull and aging. Hence, eat a balanced diet.

7. Sleep well: Give your body and your skin proper rest. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.

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8. Work on your eyelashes: You do not need mascara if you have heavy, dark lashes. Vaseline can do also wonders instead of that. Try it!

9. Moisturize your face: Make it a point to moisturize your face every day. Use a good moisturizer based cream/lotion.

10. A good sunscreen: Never skip this. Sunscreen protects our skin from severe damage. So, sunscreen is a must if you want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

11. White teeth: A pair of white teeth does not only ensure a bright smile, but it is also a sign of good health. Therefore, take proper care of your teeth and make sure you do not have bad breath.

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12. Maintain hygiene: Bathe everyday. Wash, scrub and exfoliate your skin. It will glow naturally.

13. Moisturize your lips: Instead if a  lipstick, go for plumping lip balms or lip gloss to give your lips a soft and sensual look.

14. Detoxify your skin: Stay away from excess caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. Drink LOTS of water. Get rid of toxins hidden under the skin.

15. Stay happy: No makeup can make you look as beautiful as a happy heart can do.

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