Magical Mehendi Designs Gallery

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We simply cannot get enough of Mehendi (nor can our brides), so here we are presenting a few mehendi designs, some minimal others rather dense but all equally magical… Brides-to-be:  feel free to get inspired or “steal these bridal mehendi styles”….

kunjan(1) kunjan 2 kunjan 3

kunjan 4 bhaven Jani1 bhaven jani 2 bhaven 3 bhaven 4 bhaven 5 Moments-1 moments 3 moments 4 moments 5

Images: 1) to 4) Kunjan Detroja Photography 5) to 9) Bhaven Jani Photography 10) to 13) Moments That Matter Photography

Send in your bridal mehendi pics to us at [email protected] and we shall post them here…

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