Marigold-2021’s New & Trending Wedding Color Inspiration

Engaged recently and looking forward to a spring/summer wedding in 2021? And, If you postponed or had to reschedule your wedding to 2021 because of the pandemic, well, consider yourself lucky. Because, the Pantone Color Institute has announced the new color trends for the spring/summer 2021!

Inspired largely from nature, the colors are 10 floral accent hues together with a range of 5 neutral hues like earthy caramel color, grey and olive green.  The colors are decidedly spring and summer, but yet flexible enough to be fashionable throughout the year.

At, we are going to cover the color palette and how you can include them on your big day, one at a time. The first of these colors is Marigold – the yellow-orange color named after the flower of the same name.

Did you know?

Marigolds flower, known as Genda, bloom in the colors of the sun: brilliant yellow, bold orange, bright white, rich gold and warm red tones. Referred to as the ‘Herb of the Sun,’ Marigold’s distinctive fragrance helps improve mood and alleviate stress. The orange and yellow color of marigolds is considered auspicious for new beginnings and important events of life. Additionally, the scent of marigolds, wards-off mosquitoes, bugs and other insects.

In India, we’ve been using Marigold (in the form of the flower Marigold) forever in our weddings, festivals and other ceremonies. We are doubly excited because we will be trending and traditional in one go!

Makeup Inspiration

If you are inspired by the color Marigold as part of your wedding trousseau or as an accent in your bridal accessories and are worried about how you can complement your make-up and hair, Inaara By Sidra is just who you need. Sidra Mirza Beig’s bespoke makeup and hair styling techniques will focus on every single little detail to create a look that enhances your beauty so you look and feel spectacular on your big day.

Sidra says – “I am constantly learning new techniques, testing new luxury products and firing up my imagination to make sure my work is fashion-forward, timeless, and elegant. My inspiration stems from red-carpet infused beauty combined with the natural relaxed look from the everyday lifestyle of Celebrities.”


Not just on the wedding day, Inaara By Sidra’s Events Styling services take care of Pre-wedding photo shoots, Special occasions, High fashion, or any other event and they can tailor their services to fit.


Décor, Design and More

Stuck on how you can use these trending colors in your décor? Let Weddings By Rishtey in on your plans and let them dazzle you with their brilliant ideas. From conceptualization to completion, they are the go-to guys for all your wedding event curation, design, decor, hospitality – logistics, production, vendors, artists & entertainment. Be it traditional, destination, intimate or themed weddings, they’ll ensure that your special day can be as special as you envisage it.

The new 2021 color palette echoes hope and positivity, accentuating the mood and liveliness that color can bring to our lives. Throughout the coming year, one can hope to see these colors as a significant part of the whole shebang at weddings from outfits to décor and floral arrangements.