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Congratulations! You are excited to be engaged and will soon begin your wedding day preparations. Needless to remind you that your wedding day requires careful planning and the wonderful moments will be forever preserved in your beautiful wedding photos. Because of the important place your wedding photos hold in your heart, you must choose your wedding photographer with care. Once your venue has been booked, do contact Raja Patel of Impress Digital Studio to set up an appointment and discuss your wedding photography plans. Here is a detailed interview with Raja ji….

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started in this business?

Photography has been an interest for me since childhood. Even during my college days from 1993-97, we used to have Photography as a subject in fine arts. It enthralled me so much that after working as a graphic designer for a period of time, I began photography as a full time profession. Since then there has been no looking back, Currently I have over 19 years of professional experience in Digital Photography and shoot across the globe.

2) How would you describe your photography style?

Photography is everything about being natural, and capturing the same on your lenses. If I talk about what particularly I look forward in a perfect photography style-it is the emotions, expressions, moments that need to be captured in each shot. Candid and abstract is another type which I would say is a part of my working style. Basically I include the knowledge of what I had studied back then in fine arts. Every image of mine has a shape, a form which is perfectly composed and that comes out as a perfect image. Artistic pictures, which tell a story is a thing I love.

3) How do you prepare for shooting a wedding?

Well, a whole lot of things go into preparation for a wedding. We have to check and make sure these details are perfect. Some of them include listing out requirements, checklist preparations, location details etc. Then we also arrange for props and lighting. Based on client requirements too, we generate creativity which is very important. Once all the props seem good, I begin my work. Sometimes there may even be a drone requirement, so testing the same and double checking the lights and lengths are a crucial detail that mustn’t be missed.

4) Have you ever had to cover a wedding wherein you did not like the location/setting? Alternatively, describe a wedding that was tricky to cover?

Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer

Location doesn’t matter, what matters is how we make everything and everyone look perfect with minimal arrangements, props involved. Not everyone can afford luxurious set up-so my work is to cull out a perfect frame from minimum availability. This is the main reason why people hire me and I make sure I do my job well.

Have I covered a difficult wedding? Yes, many times. Not specific or to the point but it becomes very hard when the lights point are unavailable, timings are not set, or clients show little interest. Often, it’s very difficult for people to be expressive in front of the camera.

5) Not all couples are comfortable before the camera. How do you put them at ease?

Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer

Right, that can get a bit tricky and not everyone can do it. What makes it easier for me is, I see what nature has given them and accordingly I highlight those features. Thankfully, I am an extrovert when it comes to interacting with people. So, we make sure we are comfortable with each other, and then the process flows. Once the comfort zone prevails, getting a perfect natural shot becomes easy.

6) Can you share 4 of your favorite images with our readers?

Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer Impress digital studio-meet your wedding photographer

7) Finally-what tips would you offer your clients/our readers, who are about to get married, as far as their wedding photo album is concerned?

Be natural, always! One should be in a comfortable zone so your photographer can get the perfect click. Also, expressions matter but one need not be camera conscious.

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All images courtesy Impress Digital Studio

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