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Move over traditional Indian bride. The age of the modern day bride with swag is officially here. Say hello to the coy-no-longer Indian bride who is all set to break rules, have fun, make a grand entry at her own wedding and ensure that she grabs more than just a few eyeballs. So how does one define the bride with swag or the ‘Bindaas Bride’ as she is otherwise called?

For one, she is genuinely cool inside out and loves to have fun. To her, getting married isn’t just about the solemn vows, it should also be an open celebration about her new journey ahead as well as about the person that she is. And no, she isn’t content to have a party all by herself, she wants to make sure that her family and guests are just as much a part of the celebration as well. Yes, she’s open to trying new ideas and her wedding is filled with lots of sound, laughter, colour and pomp.

Sound interesting to you? So what are the tips that an Indian bride with swag should know really well?

indian bride with swag

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The Outfit

So what if you promised your mom that you would wear her favourite heirloom kanjeevaram saree to your wedding? You can team it up with a rich leather jacket, opt for a modern hairstyle, wear coloured eye-shadow, sneakers and finish the look by putting on your favourite aviators. Indian brides with swag are also moving away from traditional colours of red and pink to very non-traditional colours like purple, ivory and even embroidered black. Not interested in a fussy hairdo? No problem, simply let your tresses loose. Oh and imagine how cool it would look if your bridal party wore aviators and turbans too!

indian bride with swag

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A Bridal Baraat

And why should guys get to have all the fun? A baraat has always traditionally been the bridegroom’s domain but an Indian bride with swag is in no mood to compromise on her fun. So, what have you? An all-girl bridal baraat which dances to an upbeat Bollywood tune (after umpteen rehearsals of course!) and which welcomes the bride in grand style. Just imagine how thrilled any bride would be! Not to mention that this is a great way to infuse plenty of energy and high octane fun into the ceremony as well.

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Grand Entry

Indian brides with swag are all for making a grand entry just before they walk down the aisle or enter the mandaap. Brides entering in a horse-drawn carriage, in a fully decked up autorickshaw, in a tractor (great idea for a rustic wedding) or even on their own bikes are just a few of the ideas that Indian brides with swag have been putting into practice for some time now. In fact, taking inspiration from Bollywood movies is absolutely alright! And no, the bridegrooms aren’t complaining either because they usually accompany the bride as they make their entry.

An element of quirk in almost everything is what defines the wedding of an Indian bride with swag. Even the photobooths are anything but ordinary! But that’s also the reason why guests take back so many lovely memories of an unusual Indian wedding when they head back home.

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