Most Romantic Destinations for a Wedding Proposal

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Some men go to great lengths to ensure that everything from start to finish is perfect. And that’s why quite a few hunks in love don’t bat an eyelid when it comes to whisking their lady love away to a special destination just to propose marriage to them. Sure, it does seem a little over the top and there are plenty of other great not-so expensive- ideas you could implement in order to make the moment special, but if plenty of privacy is what you want the most, then we list four places in South India that you must consider:


Goa: With so much to offer and something for everyone, Goa is without doubt one of the hottest vacation spots in India. You could propose to her at any of the gorgeous churches here or even better, take her along for a speedboat ride, propose to her on the beach and then treat her to a candlelight dinner under the stars. Romance is always in the air here and we’re sure you could even get help from the locals to make your proposal even more memorable.



Kerala: Let the simple natural beauty of the place entrance you and help you to open your heart to the one you love. Houseboats in Alleppey are available on a rental basis and one of the best ways to propose to her is when the two of you are enjoying the breeze while sitting in one. After all, how many couples do you know of who said yes to a journey ahead in such a romantic setting? You could also enjoy a quiet dinner on the serene waters.


Munnar: A hill station that is a popular getaway for most people from Kerala, Munnar is a beautiful place that offers tons of privacy and an unforgettable enriching experience. Drop hints about marriage while sipping a cup of fresh tea with her, while enjoying some of the home-made chocolates you’ll find in plenty at the bazaar or pop the question while you two are on a trek together. Munnar offers you all this and more!


Pondicherry: Pondicherry or Puducherry as this place is more popularly known as attracts tourists who are eager to visit the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram but this place also has much to offer couples looking for a romantic getaway. The unspoilt beaches found here offer a very picturesque setting for a marriage proposal and you can be assured of privacy here too. Or how about creating your own little moment of ‘history’ by proposing at famous historical places such as the Auroville Ashram or at the French Memorial!

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