Must Haves In Your Honeymoon Back Pack

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The D-day bells have rung in a new chapter in your life. A trip to a dream destination is on the cards. Honeymoon is the perfect time for the newlyweds to bond together. You have been into massive preparations for this dream trip and have been too busy stuffing your suitcases and vanity bags with loads of clothes and other essentials. The huge stroll bags and suitcases will house majority of your stuff on long haul trips, but an ideal back pack can be an easy way out from tugging into your suitcases all the time. This backpack should store all that you need at once. It will double up the fun and frolic on your gateway into matrimonial bliss. The key lies in packing it right. Here are a few essentials to carry in a back pack:

Back pack Essentials:

The hectic wedding schedules and erratic food pattern may play havoc with your tummy and sleep pattern. Carry an emergency medicine kit which will include some anti diarrhoea medicine, a cough syrup, anti allergic, mosquito patches etc.

Emergency medicines

A cap or a hat for the two of you is a must, depending upon the climate of the place you are about to visit.

Clothes Change
Spare t shirts or tops will come in handy after a tiresome day when you want to freshen up.

Instead of a bulky camera, carry a light weight camera to make your trip fun filled. It will be great fun to capture some life time memories.


A Book
However comfortable you are in each other’s company, you will need some personal space where you will need some Me time. A book can serve as the best partner and friend for you.

Note Pad
A small note pad to jot down numbers or names in an emergency would be a great help.

Note pad

Munching on something will keep you energized all through. A few energy bars, nuts, chocolates will come in handy when your glucose levels dip down.

Beauty Essentials
Sunscreen, a moisturiser, petroleum jelly, facial wipes, sun glasses, comb and a liquid soap are a must have.


Facial wipes

Folding Bag
This will double up as a shopping bag in case you find something very tempting to carry home.


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