6 Smart Tips To Choose Vintage Wedding Car Rental In Delhi

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how to hire a rental wedding car in Delhi

If you are looking to make your wedding grand with a special wedding couple entry, then you can do so by hiring a vintage wedding car. If you are tying the knot in or around Delhi then you may want to look at some options regarding vintage wedding car rental services in the NCR area. Consider the following tips to help you get started:

1. Reputation and Image

Online reviews and customers feedback is one of the genuine ways to find the right vintage car rental company with a good reputation. From the pool of options, the customer often becomes the victim of confusion which can lead to disappointment. Therefore, honest reviews can help you when shortlisting the right company. You can also speak to someone who has used a similar service before.

2. Inspect the vehicle in person

Before finalizing the vintage car for your wedding entry or for your special guests, checking the actual condition of the vehicle personally is imperative. A well maintained exterior as well as interior will help give you the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, choose the vehicle after a thorough inspection of all parts. It will help if you can take someone along who is knowledgeable about cars.

3. Confirm the License and Insurance of the company:

Always choose a company that has its insurance and license papers in order before choosing a wedding car rental in Delhi.  As a customer, you can ask for the updated insurance and licensing papers of the company and accordingly choose the service without any worry or hassle.

wedding car hire in Delhi

4. Watch out for hidden costs and get actual quotes

Often, car rental companies do not disclose all costs and later hit you with an inflated bill. Therefore, you must ask for an all-inclusive price quote from the company before hiring a wedding vintage car. The all-inclusive price includes charges like insurance, refueling charges, sales tax, and other license fees too.

5. Match the vintage car color with your wedding theme:

Brides and grooms often have a special theme in mind as far as their wedding day is concerned. Accordingly, you can choose your vintage entry car in the same color or a contrasting color that can give you some amazingly vibrant photos. Speak to your wedding coordinator or your photographer regarding the right color and style to choose.

6. Read all terms and conditions carefully

Last but not the least; understand the company’s terms and the conditions before settling with a car hire Service Company. This includes the terms in the event the car gets damaged while using it during the wedding. Knowing all the minute details can help you avoid many potential hassles and pave way for a pleasant service experience.

Do consider the services of Luxury Wedding Car Hire Company in Delhi. The team will help you make a grand wedding entry with the right amount of pomp and show as well as a comfortable transportation experience. With the number of vintage car hiring companies available, choosing the right one can be a tedious task. We hope the above tips help you.

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