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Photographers, florists, caterers, mehendi artisan,  DJ, beautician all these images conjure up in your mind when you think of wedding vendors. The movie Monsoon Wedding was not a massive mainstream film, yet the character played by Vijay Raaz , that of a wedding planner is permanently etched in our memory. The movie tracked down the minor details taken into account during wedding planning. Band Baja Barat was another cult movie that threw light on wedding planning and wedding vendors in India. Wedding planning in India reaches its peak when wedding season rolls around. It’s a difficult business dealing with wedding vendors for you want everything to be immaculately planned and executed.

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Negotiating with wedding vendors is an art that you need to master. To get away with the best possible deal follow these basic ground rules:

  • Go window shopping before checking out with the wedding vendors. This will give you a general idea about the market rate, discounts and offers available. It will come in handy if a vendor quotes exorbitant rates and at the same time it gives him a fair idea about your understanding of the market.
  • Be clear in your talk. Tell him your budget limitations. Vendors tend to go overboard if they realise that you are ready to loosen up the strings. Set them straight without beating about the bush. It’s your money after all.
  • Ask for reasonable discounts. Vendors generally quote a price that can be brought down. But quoting a very low prize won’t do.

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  • Beware of boastful vendors. They are the best of salesmen who go overboard with their sweet talk to boost their sale. Tell them patiently and firmly that you can see through such talk. Never settle down for the first offer.
  • Go in for someone who is recommended by a friend or relative. You can tell him that you have seen his good work and that you want it to be better which will be a great morale boost for him.

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  • Plan your budget in such a way that food and decor is given the priority. Rest of the things like flowers, DJ can be adjusted accordingly. Ask the vendor to keep a contingency plan ready, in case things go wrong.
  • Up your patience level while dealing with vendors and communicate clearly. Don’t be so overwhelmed with happiness that you forget important details. Being a smart client will help you save on big money.

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