Newlywed 101- Essential Kitchen Gadgets and Tools Every Bride Needs

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For a newlywed or a soon-to-be-bride, managing the kitchen becomes one of the biggest concerns and fears besides worrying about the new life she is all set to enter. Till date, she is used to being her parents’ little princess. Her every need and demand has been well taken care of. Now, she will have a new life that will come with new people and added responsibilities. So, while moving to the new house with your Significant Other, one thing you would need very urgently is a proper kitchen setup. And, for that you will need these essential kitchen gadgets and tools.

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1. Rice Cooker: You cannot expect even the most fitness-freak Indian to strike off rice from his daily meals. We, Indians, cannot live without rice. If not on every next day, but we do need our share of quintessential Biriyani, pulao, fried rice and the Sunday special rajma-chawal  to maintain our sanity. This must also be the case with your in-laws. So, a rice cooker is a must!

2. High Quality Blender: To make smoothies, fruit shakes, soups and of course the Indian masalas, you need an awesome blender. So make sure this item is there in your trousseau/wedding registry list.

3. Pressure Cooker: one cannot possibly survive without a pressure cooker. How else will you boil the lentils and the stubborn vegetables? A cooker is a must to avoid the extremely boring and long boiling process. If you or your hubby has a sweet tooth,  it is also helpful in making lip-smacking puddings and cakes as well. And we must not forget non-vegetarian lovers here!

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4. Oven Toaster Griller: Or the toaster oven. While we all have microwaves, this OTG can help you a lot in baking, toasting and defrosting food items. Moreover, you can quickly warm up the leftovers while the main cooktop is being used to prepare the main courses. You can also use it to whip up delicious cookies, cakes and grilled/baked treats for your in laws on the weekends.

5. Electric Kettle: One of the must have essential kitchen gadgets for all tea aficionados is a kettle. You don’t need to supervise the boiling water and it can also be used to boil eggs, heat up ready to eat items, warm milk in seconds and so on. You can’t ever get enough of it.

6. Immersion Blender: Who wants to whip cream or chop nuts or mash potatoes by hand these days? All these tasks are not only time-consuming but also can result in severe aches in hand. Hence, you need an immersion blender which will make your baking/cooking easier than ever.

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7. All Purpose Food Processor: Planning to impress your in-laws with your imported chutney recipes or your fascinating solo kitchen skills? Then go prepared with a high quality all purpose food processor coming equipped with multiple blades. Whether you want to cut ginger, garlic or cilantro, mince vegetables or spices, knead the atta, etc, you can show your in-laws your time management skills by bringing this processor into your kitchen.

8. Peeler: Last but not least, your new kitchen would be incomplete without a versatile peeler. How else are you planning to peel all the vegetables every day?

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