Non Traditional Indian Wedding Ideas For Brides And Grooms

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You are planning to get married soon and while you do love traditional weddings and all the fanfare that accompanies it, may be some of you are also looking at trying something a tad bit unconventional and different. It need not be an underwater wedding or a ceremony while you are both skydiving. Yes, people have done far out things like these but you may not want to venture all that way out of the box either. So here are some non traditional wedding ideas that could work for you and still give your guests and the two of you something to remember for a long time:

Invites: Yes, wedding invites do fit into the traditional category but you need not stick to the regular red, yellow, white and gold invites. You sure can use these colours because sometimes nothing spells wedding like them but use them differently. If both of you are movie buffs try and see if you can personalize a favourite movie poster to depict both of you on the invite. You could also have an artist use some iconic moments from a list of movies you like and put together a montage that reflects the different wedding ceremonies. If you want to try and give your guests a taste of how much fun the wedding will be, be literal about it and send along some nicely decorated cookies or chocolates.


Clothes: Your wedding trousseau is an integral part of the wedding. Some customs do need the bride to wear specific colours for the wedding ceremony but if you don’t want to wear those, pick a colour or style that you think will help you stand out among a group of traditionally dressed brides and grooms. For instance, you could opt for purple, fuchsia, deep blue, emerald green or a bright yellow. If you are going to pick saris in these colours, you can drape them differently. If it is going to be a lehenga for any other pre-wedding ceremony or reception you could combine it with contrasting colours. If you are opting for a church wedding, you need not necessarily wear white. Think powder blue, pale pink, buttercup yellow or even pale mint green. Your groom can match you in a sherwani or bandhgala in similar colours or a suit with a shirt in a similar shade. If you want to stay off the beaten path completely and not think of conventional attire, decide to go simple and casual or pick clothes according to a theme.

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Music: You may chose to have a DJ or a live band playing music during the mehendi, sangeet, the wedding and reception. Both the bride and groom can definitely personalise this to a large extent with perhaps the exception of the mehendi and sangeet where your friends and family may want to choreograph something for the couple to be. You can create a list of songs that you like and have them played in the course of the different ceremonies. If the bride is going to be walking down the aisle, share a first dance with the groom, or want to make a grand entry for the reception with her new husband, be sure to pick music that reflects what each part of the ceremony means to you and especially something that you love. It need not be the same instrumental music that is so often played in most weddings.


Photos: Everyone wants beautiful pictures of the wedding and the various rituals and ceremonies. So when you make sure to tell your wedding photographer to take plenty of pictures, let them know that they must try and capture as many candid moments as they can. It may be pictures of you and your guests. Consider adding a photo booth with some funny props that both you and your guests can pose with. These will definitely add a nice edge to your wedding pictures.

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Wedding favours: Everyone likes to go home with a little reminder of the wedding they have attended. For most part, it’s a little box of sweets that everyone is handed out but you can try and add your own touch to it. If its wedding that will be held in the winter, say in Delhi, consider handing out shawls to your guests to keep them warm. It could be beautiful scented candles personalised with your names and wedding date on them. If you have planned a destination wedding, it could be souvenir from the place where the wedding took place. If you picked a beach wedding in Goa, think of gifting beautiful handmade tiles.

We hope some of these non traditional Indian wedding ideas will help you plan something non-traditional and fun for your wedding.

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