Now: A Mobile App For Preparing For A Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Are you impressed but intrigued with the pre-wedding shoot of your best friend? Also wondering what the fuss around it is? Should you go for it just because everyone else is doing so? Preparing for your wedding is a challenging task on its own, why should you get distracted by a pre wedding ‘couple shoot’ concept?
And of course, your fiance is too camera-shy anyways, so lets just give the whole thing a miss.
Don’t Worry. It is not as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, a pre-wedding shoot is more of having fun rather than getting nervous. A pre-wedding shoot is also all about going out and enjoying yourselves, and in the process, your photographer will click stylish, romantic, magazine-quality images of the two of you. It’s like going on a date and having a professional photographer capture your moments. It is these candid romantic photos you’d like to frame and hang on your walls.
 Mobile App For Preparing For A Pre-Wedding Shoot
After having covered several pre-wedding shoots, creative & candid wedding photographer Bhaven Jani shares his experience with to-be couples. A detailed guide on  “Preparing For A Pre-Wedding Shoot”  is now available as an App that can be downloaded on your mobile device, which you can read on the go.
Here are the steps for downloading it onto your iPad, iPhone or any other Tablet.
  • Follow the steps that appear on your mobile device and save the App onto your home page. Its best to download it for the first time using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.
  • This App is best viewed on an iPad or Tablet.

Visit Bhaven Jani on his Facebook page and website for details on Preparing For A Pre-Wedding Shoot .

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