Our Top Favourites From The PNG Jewelers Vivah Collection

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Your bridal lehenga or sari will get packed in a box only to come out on rare occasions. However, your bridal jewellery is certainly going to be enjoyed several times over, over the coming years. There is one jewellery company that understands this sentiment and is committed to crafting stunning pieces made and designed to last a lifetime.

We are talking about none other than The P.N Gadgil Jewellers ; a company which can be considered as the pioneer of jewellery designing in India since 1832. Not only are they known for their one-of-a-kind and unique jewellery designs; they also guarantee the highest purity in all of their raw materials and finished products. Today the PNG group is not only known throughout India, they have also stretched their wings to the other side of the world by opening their store in California in 2008.

soha ali khan

The Company has categorized its collections into groups having interesting names, for example: Balgandharva Jewellery (named after the artiste famous for playing female roles in an era where women were prohibited to act on stage), the Golden jazz (for jewellery items with a westernized touch) and Royal Jewellery (designs that reflect the glorious history of the country’s past kingdoms) etc. But what is sure to interest our brides is their gorgeous Vivah collection (with brand ambassador as Soha Ali Khan) which is a mix of traditional, contemporary and modern pieces. We will not go into details about the beauty and grandeur of these pieces here; we will leave you with their stunning pictures (hoping they do justice to the real ones)…

So here are our picks: seven stunning set from The PNG Vivah Collection; do let us know your favourites in the comments section below….

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All images courtesy PNG Jewellers Facebook Page

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