Overcome Post Wedding Blues Using These 5 Tips

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As a bride and groom you have been in the spotlight for quite some time now (probably since your engagement). You might have been invited for several post wedding ceremonies followed by a fantastic honeymoon by now. What eventually follows, for most couples (after the wedding and honeymoon), is the “post wedding blues” phase. If you have begun your life together but the day to day routine is getting to you, then read these 5 important tips which are sure to help you overcome the blues:

  1. Think about the objective of the wedding rituals

The wedding day rituals and ceremonies (in any culture)are there for a reason- so  that the couple understands the sacred vows of marital commitment. So, now it is time you actually show this commitment and love to your better half by implementing them in practice. You could start making some plans for the future, which could be as small as planning a romantic weekend getaway or the big ones about kids and family etc.

  1. Spend quality time with each other

We are sure the last few months must have been crazy for you with the wedding planning, the shopping etc. Now it is time to relax and get cosy. Watch a movie together, or simply cook or read or do other activities that you enjoy as a couple. If needed, visit your parents to spend some time with them.

  1. Mix with friends

As an engaged couple you might have neglected your friends; understandably so as you might have been busy with the wedding shopping, planning and arrangements. However, now is the time to you again start mixing around with friends, both his and yours-invite them for dinner, or better yet, go out with them. What better way to beat the blues than this?

  1. Take on a project

The best way to beat any sort of blues is to keep your mind occupied. Get into a routine, workout, play, meditate – or better yet, take on some project-it could be as simple as making something artistic for the home, or putting together a wedding scrapbook or simply taking up a hobby you had before the wedding.

  1. Arrange a party for uninvited friends and relatives

If you had an intimate wedding with limited number of guests, why not invite the others for a small get-together? This is the perfect time to set up the home and also put the wedding gifts to great use. You can also invite people who came for the wedding but with whom you did not have much time to interact with. A small party is ideal to help spend quality time with near and dear ones and chase the blues away.

We hope these 5 tips help you overcome the post wedding blues and get that smile back on your face.

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