Trends in Indian Bridal Trousseau

The Indian bridal trousseau is not simply limited to dresses and jewelry; it also includes purses, shoes, household items, bed-sheets, table cloths, pillow covers and even kitchen utensils.

Ideas for Indian Wedding Games

Indian weddings are typically filled with hundreds of rituals accompanied by the chanting of hymns; but that does not imply, in anyway, that they are all somber affairs...

The Indian Doli or Bidaai- The Bride’s Departure to Her Husband’s Home

Bollywood might have popularized the concept of ‘Doli Sajaa ke rakhna’ through its blockbuster film, but the concept of the wedding Doli is actually an age-old ritual.

Ideas and Tips For Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Your hairstyle on the day of your wedding is as important as your bridal attire; the right hairdo will enhance your beauty and your overall look.

Selecting a Bridal Saree

Indian weddings are solemnized with utmost sanctity amidst elaborate rituals and customs.

How to Make Your Skin Glow on Your Wedding Day

Every bride-to-be pictures herself with flawless skin and dressed up in perfect wedding apparel that makes all eyes turn towards her on her wedding day.

Why Hire An Indian Wedding Planner? A traditional Indian wedding is full of customs, rituals and traditions.