Pantone Fall Colours That You Can Wear To Your Wedding

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In the last part of our miniseries on Pantone’s Fall colours, we take a look at four shades that we know you will love. These shades work beautifully for both brides and bridegrooms and look very attractive when paired with other shades:


Marsala: Articles have been written raving about the queen of colour palettes this year. Not surprisingly, Marsala was one colour that kept making an appearance at weddings all over the world. Whether it was in a lipstick, in a handbag, in a turban, a waistcoat or on a sari, Marsala stole the limelight effortlessly. If you’re wondering why this colour has been highlighted again in the fall collection, it’s simply because Marsala works well when paired with other sober shades and can be used to create interesting contrasts. We dare trendy brides to wear Cadmium Orange or Biscay Bay with Marsala for a colour combination that truly pops.

pantone wedding colours for indian brides


Stormy Weather: With such gorgeous sounding names for its colour palettes, it’s no wonder that fashion houses all over the world wait for the season’s highlights from Pantone. We had a cool titanium grey in Pantone’s Spring Colour Palettes and in this season, we have a bluish-grey shade called Stormy Weather. Needless to say, we can already see a lot of bridegrooms looking extremely dashing in this shade but what makes this Pantone Fall colour worth taking note of is the fact that it works quite nicely for wedding decor too. When paired with a bright neon shade, the colour contrast is amazing.

Pantone stormy weather grey lehengas


Desert Sage: Here is another Pantone Fall colour that is the perfect neutral. Add an extra dash of shimmer and shine by getting a sari in this shade embellished with sequins and stones and then pair it with minimal jewellery for a late night post wedding party. Or create a unisex colour combination by pairing this shade with Marsala or with Biscay Bay for extra oomph. Due to its colour neutrality, Desert Sage looks chic when worn with blood red or even with black. We think that this shade will look superb on bridegrooms especially when embellished with embroidery of a darker hue.

Desert sage indian wedding sari colour from pantone

We hope you enjoyed reading our articles on how to wear Pantone’s Fall colours this wedding season. Do write in to us with your feedback and comments.

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