Pantone Spring Colour Palettes- Part 4

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In today’s special article on Pantone Colour Palettes for spring, we bring into focus some great colours that bridegrooms can wear on their special day. Brides too can wear an accessory or two in the shades that have been highlighted below:


Dusk Blue: Raid any guy’s wardrobe and you’re likely to find at least two shades of blue in it.  This particular blue palette however, is the ideal hue for bridegrooms who like to keep things simple yet stylish. Not too dull and not too bright, Dusk Blue comes somewhere in between and is the very picture of calm. It reminds one of blue skies on a clear day and when paired with Glacier Gray, the combination can be quite alluring. Or let your partner wear a Dusk Blue suit with a Marsala turban or even one in Toasted Almond. Brides can go all out to make this shade a show stopper by wearing it with darker brighter colours.


Treetop: Spring is often called ‘nature in bloom’ and Pantone’s Spring palettes would be incomplete without hints of green. Green is considered an auspicious colour in Indian weddings and that could explain why many brides choose to wear dark green sarees or green bangles for the main wedding ceremony. Pantone’s Treetop shade can be used beautifully with other spring colours like Custard for a nice contrast or even Marsala for a darker combination. Besides being very soothing to the eyes, this colour may remind one of camouflage prints but is certain to look great on bridegrooms. In fact, for a sober look, wear this shade with either Glacier Gray or Dusk Blue for added appeal. This spring shade of green will look great when paired with brighter hues for brides as well.


Woodbine: Another masculine colour from Pantone’s Spring colour palette collection is Woodbine which we think would look great on bridegrooms irrespective of skin tone.  In fact, some would even go to the extent of calling this Spring hue a guy’s perfect neutral shade. This shade is likely to remind one of a well manicured lawn or even of tropical foliage. Dress it up or dress it down but it’s guaranteed to make the wearer look both stylish and trendy. In fact, Woodbine coloured footwear would also go well with bridegroom wear in light, neutral and dark shades.

Stay tuned for our last article on Pantone Spring colour palettes coming your way next!

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