Perfect Wedding Accessories for an Indian Groom

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When it comes to Indian wedding accessories, most of the people tend to think of the bride’s accessories but let’s not forget that both the bride and the groom are the stars of the day and just like the bride, it’s equally important for the groom to look his best. Selection of right outfit needs to be complemented with the right accessories and remember that the right accessories can not only enhance a groom’s overall appearance but at the same time, these can give him the air of sophistication as well as mystique.

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The era of designer wear has brought the Indian men under the spell of ethnic clothing. Fashion conscious Indian grooms have started opting for traditional wear more than ever before. If the world of accessories is a mystery for you, allow us to help you in finding perfect accessories for your big day.

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Pagri or turban is a traditional headgear that gives a royal touch to your wedding. It may be made from different fabrics like silk and brocade. It’s also embellished with pearls and zardozi. Kalgi can also be used to enhance the look of the turban. Sehra is the veil tied on the pagri.

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Dupatta is a long scarf that has tassels or latkans at its ends, which is worn with sherwani. Bandhani or tie and die dupattas are hot favourite these days. There are different ways of draping a dupatta and the most popular way to drape it is over your left shoulder, take it backwards and then drape it over your right arm.

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Carrying a sword is also considered as a royal custom and it is the representation of a warrior.

Indian ethnic wear for a groom is incomplete without a Punjabi jutti. It’s the most popular footwear option. Just like turbans, juttis are also available in different designs and colours. The embellishments on juttis my be in the form of embroidery or stones. Other traditional footwear options for an Indian groom are mojris and kolhapuri chappals. One should avoid mixing traditional Indian wear with western footwear and vice versa.

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Other accessories worn by an Indian groom maybe kamarband, kantha (long necklace), gold chain, gold rings, cufflinks, brooches and bracelets.

Now that you know about all the accessories, make sure that that all of them complement perfectly with your outfit to sweep your bride off her feet.

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