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Every girl grows up with her own definition of a perfect wedding. It starts with meeting prince charming to having the sweetest proposal to purchasing the most stunning wedding outfit with the most magical venue which is beautifully decorated and lastly having your family and closest friends a part of your dream come true.

Planning a wedding may seem fun and exciting however reality bites once the couple realizes there is so much to be done. There are alot of decisions to be made and bills to be paid. So many different ideas and viewpoints become apparent. The couple is usually introduced to a new level of stress which is concealed by having to appear ecstatic and calm. And just like that the thought of court marriage is introduced by the groom and rejected by the bride.

Once this long awaited day arrives the couple can’t wait to celebrate their accomplishment of a job well done. Not too soon as there maybe unexpected last minute glitches. To make sure these don’t happen to you, I have listed 5 common wedding day pitfalls which you can avoid.




Sleep is essential to every bride as she not only needs it as an energizer but also as her source of beauty. However before going to sleep one must set an alarm and also ask for a human alarm (which could be your mom, sister or aunt) so as you can get up on time and be ready according to schedule. One minute delay can cause hours of delay which may affect the auspicious time (Mahurat) of the ceremony.



2.)    FIT and RIGHT

For every bride her wedding outfit is the one thing that confirms her dream is now a reality. So please make sure that you have tried your Sari or Lehenga a week in advance and have it fit to your size as these wedding preparations usually bring in some changes in one’s body weight. Last minute adjustments would just create a flustered bride.




Indian weddings have a lot of rituals and prayers involved. One should ask the priest for a list of things that he would need on the wedding day so as there would not be any last moment riot or panick in the bridal suite.


  4.)    RAIN or SHINE

If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have an alternative plan just incase it pours. Ask your wedding coordinator to be alert and available for any last minute changes that may occur.





Don’t let the tension of the endless planning and anticipation get in your way of enjoying your special day. What matters most today is you, your better half and the love you have for each other. This day may not come again but the memories you create today will be treasured a lifetime.


 All images courtesy: Sandeep Gupta Photography

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