How to Plan Your Wedding Transportation Flawlessly – 9 Important Tips

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When we talk about wedding planning, we mostly discuss the dress, food, jewellery, mehndi, decor, venue, guests and even the best wedding songs but often leave aside one of the most significant factors: the wedding transportation. After all, you and your guests need to reach the venue on time. This will only be possible if you plan your wedding transportation meticulously and flawlessly. The last thing you’d want is a glitch that could lead to utter chaos. Ensure a smooth and timely walk down the aisle by following the tips given below…..

Tips to Plan your Wedding Transportation Flawlessly

1. Choose the right transportation

Think about everyone who will be accompanying you in the car. Decide the number of guests before you even decide the car’s make and model. Choose a car roomy enough to accommodate all your family members, friends and even the wedding photographer, in case you want some shots on the way to the venue.

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2. Estimate the cost

Once the number of people accompanying you is sorted out, estimate the total renting cost. Usually, car rentals charge on an hourly basis. So, you need to have a rough estimation of that and figure out the budget. Include waiting time as well as parking fees. Look for a car hire service that suits this budget.

3. Choose the right service provider

Next comes the most important part of planning your wedding transportation. Choose a company for your wedding transportation that has a good reputation for providing absolute punctual service consistently for years. Their service needs to suit your budget as well.

4. Book the car in advance

Book at least six months in advance to avoid disappointments as well as higher charges. In fact, as soon as the wedding date has been fixed, try to book all the cars you will need for the day. If your wedding date is in season then booking your wedding transportation way in advance would indeed be a wise decision.


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5. Arrange transportation for your guests

Do consider your family and friends who would be joining you at the wedding venue. Estimate the total number and book several vehicles accordingly. If you really have a huge number of guests to take care of, go for charter buses or mini vans.

6. Book in person

Make sure that you always book your wedding transportation in person. Reason behind this is to check the car and its condition before you book it.

7. How much advance to pay?

Pay a small token amount rather than 30% of the payment. This helps in case you need to cancel the booking. You might need to negotiate this with the vendor.

Wedding Transportation

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8. Plan about the waiting time

Minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of waiting time per trip should be added to the transport time estimates. This should also cover the traffic wait times so that you arrive on time at the venue.

9. Read the contract well before sealing the deal

From the payment details and cancellation policy, advance amount to pay as well as refunding- read the contract thoroughly before you sign on the papers of your wedding transportation.

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