Pros and Cons of Kundali Matching Before Marriage

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Marriages in India are considered a highly auspicious union that is already “fixed in heaven”. It is the union between the couple for the next 7 reincarnations.It is no wonder that the families consider matching Kundalis or horoscopes of the to-be-couple prior to their engagement.

However, many couples in the 21st century have started questioning this belief. Does consulting an astrologer before marriage really solve potential problems or does this tradition actually do more harm than good by feeding inner fears and insecurities?

Today, we take a look at the pros and cons of going for an astrology check before getting married.


1. It’s Our Tradition: Our fathers and forefathers have sought help of astrologers before marriage and it’s a part of our tradition. When they are suggesting kundali matching, they must have been benefitted in some way. Also, sometimes, it’s good to follow some traditions, rituals and customs without judging it from modern perspective.

2. Compatibility Check: Even the smartest IT executive sometimes do online zodiac compatibility check in between meetings. Kundali matching is the ancient Indian version of compatibility check. The only difference is that while the astrology centers around the Sun, here in East, Moon is considered to be the prime factor.

3. Mental Satisfaction: If not for anything, consulting an astrologer relieves our parents and elders from the worries and anxieties. Hence, if going to an astrologer gives your people a mental satisfaction, there’s nothing wrong in it.


1. It’s Confusing: If we consider that statement right which says everything in life is predestined, then this kundali matching makes no sense. After all, an astrologer must not be powerful enough than the Almighty to change what’s written in your destiny.

2. Predictions Can Be Wrong: Yes, the astrology predictions do not come with a warranty card. As shown by hundreds of cases- matches astrologers deemed perfect have fallen apart in future.  How can one make decisions based on such predictions?

3. It Clouds Our Judgement: Astrology predictions often make people judgemental about certain people or certain features or characteristics of people. For example, if your birth chart says tall girls/guys are not auspicious for you, you will start avoiding every tall suitor. Likewise, one might avoid boat rides or seashores,just because their horoscope warns death by water!

4. It feeds on Human Insecurities: The worst part of strongly believing in such predictions is if something bad happens to you, you will put the blame on the celestial developments instead of finding the issues and working on them with your partner. Eventually, you will lose the game.

Remember, life itself does not come with a warranty card. It’s a huge gamble and we don’t have many options to play it safe. What we can do is believe in ourselves, our abilities and the power of love more than the planets and stars and their power of controlling our lives.

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