The Pros and Cons Of Getting Married Young

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When it comes to an early marriage, there is no right or wrong. What works for one couple, might not work for another. However, if you are planning to get married at a young age, there are some things you need to be aware of. Please note that we aren’t being judgemental or presumptuous and we certainly aren’t for or against getting married early. This guide is simply an attempt for couples-to-be to get a perspective about what lies in store when one gets married early in life…

The Pros of Getting Married Young

  1. You grow up together

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of getting married at a young age. You watch each other grow and witnessing this growth can be a wonderful experience. You learn to handle finances, responsibilities of running the household and even, in some cases, raising children early. You even get more time together.

  1. You can adjust better to each other’s habits

Often couples who get married at a later age have to make adjustments and find it a struggle to mesh their lives together. After living alone for decades, they find themselves getting frustrated over small things like the toilet seat being left up or the wet towels thrown on the floor etc.  Perhaps, such adjustments are a bit easier when one is younger.

  1. You develop interests and hobbies together

Younger couples are statistically known to combine their lives more easily. Since they are young, most do not have too many deeply developed activities and they learn from each other instead.  This encourages either of them to enjoy and partake in activities that their better half likes.

  1. You can create a beautiful environment of accountability and trust

Financial matters are often the biggest reason for strife in marriages. When it comes to money, younger couples tend to develop trust sooner as they usually have a clean slate. Conversely, couples getting married later in life forget to discuss money matters before tying the knot. They also have greater baggage and issues with trusting.  In statistics pertaining to Western marriages, more couples getting married at a later age figured in a pre-nuptial arrangement prior to legalizing their marriages.

  1. You get greater support from in-laws

This is especially necessary when you have children early. Your in-laws and parents are in better health and can help you look after the kid/s. This gives women the option to go out and work, which in turn is better for the financial situation of the household.

The Cons of Getting Married Young

pros and cons of getting married young

  1. You could have unrealistic expectations

Often couples feel overwhelmed with responsibilities that come with finances and marriage. Yes, mistakes do occur then and the challenge is to learn from them. However, not all couples can and do, as most come with rosy expectations into the relation.

  1. Your immaturity can hurt

Younger couples often have their immaturity coming in the way of their happiness. They tend to be impatient and also get bored easily. They often do not realize the importance of the Institution of marriage and tend to make more mistakes at this stage. Another side effect of rushing into marriage is not getting enough time to know each other fully.

  1. Other aspects suffer: finances and friendships

Your financial situation might not be great in the beginning of the marriage. Also, your other friendships could take a backseat. Many couples also need to study simultaneously while being married and that could add to the stress.

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