Real Weddings: At INR 140 Cr. Could This Be The Most Expensive Shaadi Ever?

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Indian businessman, Yogesh Mehta allegedly spent 140 Cr. INR (nearly £14 million)on his son, Rohan’s wedding in Italy. The extravagant 3-day affair took place in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy in November 2015. More than 500 guests attended Roshni and Rohan’s grand Indian celebration. The groom’s baraat was supposed to arrive at the venue on an elephant; however, the city council denied him permission to do so. The groom’s father, Yogi as he is known in his circles, had earlier tweeted a beautiful picture of the gorgeous couple announcing their nuptials. We may be a bit late in doing so, but are still sharing this beautiful real celebrity wedding that has tons of inspiration!

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