Real Weddings: Helicopter&Lamborghini-This May Be The Grandest Baraat You Have seen!!

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Talk about  elaborate! This Patel family went out of their way to host the grandest baraat ever. ..First a helicopter, then a Lamborghini (kind of like the Bond movies, eh??)….this is surely the grandest baraat we have ever seen! All images courtesy Dhimant Patel. 

Groom-Mayank C Patel

Bride: Twinkle V Patel

Venue: Crowne Plaza Warwick, Rhode Island

From photographer Dhimant Patel:

The scenic location and the way the groom made the entrance to his wedding  made this a truly interesting shoot. I was shooting only from the groom’s side, so these were the only photos I took.

Earlier on, there was a big talk about how Mayank was coming; the next thing we know everybody from the groom’s side was outside awaiting his arrival in a helicopter! It was indeed  a grand entrance to a grand wedding. But that was not all: after walking over from the helicopter, a Lamborghini was waiting for the groom. This surely made it one expensive entrance!!.  Later the baraat (also called the Jaan or varghodo) proceeded until everyone had made their way into the ball room.

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