Real Weddings: Nikshubha Weds Sandeep in A Brilliant Punjabi Ceremony

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Today we have a beautiful Punjabi real wedding having Baniya elements for you. You are definitely not going to want to miss these pictures, lovelies-so read on! (A special thank you to Designer Events Inc for sending in this one…photographed brilliantly by Jattin Singh Photography.)

Bride&Groom– Nikshubha and Sandeep

Punjabi ceremony-real Indian wedding

We met: We met in Mumbai while working together in a newspaper called Mumbai Mirror. I worked as a copy editor in the entertainment department while he was a reporter with the Sports section. Believe it when I say that for the first one-and-a-half year of us being in the same office, we didn’t even acknowledge each other. It was only later that we got talking through common friends and one thing led to another till we finally decided to tie the knot.

Punjabi ceremony-real Indian wedding

Our proposal: It was in 2013 in Goa. We along with a group of friends had gone there to celebrate my birthday. On the first night, he took me aside and popped the question. Needless to say that it was an instant yes.

My dress: I wore a beige and pink Lehnega from the famous lanes of Chandni Chowk. I did not want to go in for a typical red lehenga, and being a summer April wedding these colors worked best and also suited my skin tone.

Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding

My hair and make up: My hair and make-up for all events was done by a trusted friend of my mom. I think she did a good job 🙂 The pictures speak of her work.

Real Indian bride with beautiful Maang Tikka

His Shervani: We didn’t want to buy anything too bright for the groom so we settled for an off white shervani bought from Manyavar in Mumbai. Sandeep paired it with off white mojris and maroon dupatta.

Our ceremony…….A perfect blend of Punjabi and baniya traditions.  It was a different experience for me, as we had the chooda ceremony and the kaliras which has not been a part of our family tradition. Loved the showering of Kaliras on my sisters and brides’ maids.

Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding

Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding


kaliren for the bride- Real Indian Punjabi wedding

We chose our photographer because: My best friend trusted him and was aware of his credibility. Jattin Singh Photography.

mother of the Indian bride Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding

We chose our wedding coordinator / planner because : There was no question of choosing. My wedding coordinator was my best friend who knew exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Designer Events Inc.

Indian bridesmaids-Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding

We chose our venue because: A key aspect of the wedding was the location where we make the wedding guests stay. This was a perfect venue for a residential wedding. We hosted all the events in the same vicinity without wasting any time on commuting on the date. The staff was very helpful and most importantly this venue fit in our budget. Venue : Hotel Greenville, Gurgaon.

Hoten Grenville Gurgaon real Indian wedding

 Our menu: A lavish vegetarian spread ranging from chaat to the exotic dahi ke kebab to the more traditional Gaate ki curry. We spent a lot of time deciding the menu incorporating all tastes – Indian, continental, a bit of Chinese to give our guests a wide variety to choose from. Being a residential wedding the challenge was to ensure no dishes are repeated in the span of three days, The chef was very cooperative and provided us his inputs to help us achieve our goal.

Our honeymoon….. The city of Love, Paris.

My favourite part of the wedding day: It’s difficult to choose a particular moment/aspect since your wedding day is full of memorable moments. From the pooja in the morning to the Pheras, I had such a great time. It rained as soon as the pheras started, however the team ensured to cover up the mandap and didn’t let anything come amidst the pooja. It was an enjoyable experience of Pheras in the rain as if God Himself was happy for our marriage. However, as a tip always have a back up plan for the vedi in case of rains. However, the most enjoyable part of the wedding would be dance performances by my family members all prepared by the help of YouTube choreography and some born dancers in the family. A choreographer is not always required – getting together as family and friends and practising has its own fun. The script to the dance show was written by my best friends’ mother and she read it as well. It was so nice to see all of them come together for my wedding and put up such a great show. Whistles were distributed to the crowd who became a part of the performances by not even being in it.

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My piece of advice for other brides:

  • If I tell you that don’t be nervous and just go and enjoy the day, I would be lying. Being nervous on the day comes naturally to every bride I guess. However, do keep in mind that it’s just a couple of days worth of hoohaa ( though you feel extra special which is great) and it’s all going to be okay post that. Your wedding gives you a chance to make so many memories with your loved ones which you will cherish for the rest of your life. So go ahead and live the day with people who matter. Best of luck.
  • Planning is the key to a successful wedding. Ensure every smallest thing is planned and delegated to the concerned person. So that your family can enjoy the day with you. Hire a wedding planner or distribute responsibilities to family members. Make sure there is not too much on parents shoulders.
  • A wedding is the best time for a lifetime of memories and fun. In this entire world of resources available at a click of a button don’t forget to miss the small moments of joys. Identify people in the family who have different skills and use them to the best ability. There is no better day than for the close ones to experience their passions.

Haldi ceremony 11188229_1045719298788903_422296858156400867_n haldi mehendi nikshubha Beautiful pink silver lehenga Real bride real Indian Punjabi wedding

Few other Enjoyable Parts of my Wedding :

  • The Engagement Thali was also done at home with adding kaliras to the thali to give it a decorative look. A small element can enhance the look to such a great extent.
  • Photo Boards : (See Picture)
  • The Brides maids wore Pink as a common color and walked next to the bride on her big day assisting her with her Lehenga, her lip stick touches, getting her snacks, calming down her jitters and most importantly helping her use the washroom. The god damn Bridal Lehenga was very heavy.
  • Haldi Pic : The Kodak Moment : The bride put Haldi on her sisters and her friends – a must have picture for any wedding day. The grandmother said put Haldi on the girls who are of marriageable age so another tradition added before sitting in line for the Kalira Dropping.
  • Bride’s Sister : Bride’s Sister was definitely the talk of the wedding flaunting her Jaipur special outits. She decided to wear a blue anarkali on the Sangeet and A gota pati work orange and pink lehenga. Check out the Lehenga look for the Chunni Drape to give you all a thinner look.
  • Bride’s Best Friend : Check out the Self Designed outfits with everything hand picked on her own.
  • Car O Bar : The boys side had a Car o Bar for all the boys side as there was no alcohol on the event. A good idea to ensure the grooms friends and family are not upset on the wedding day

Wedding Vendors :

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