Real Weddings: Friendship Turned Romance in Reshma-Joseph’s Magical Wedding by Mehul Chimthankar Photography

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“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere…They are in each others souls all along”…Rumi.
We are delighted to present a magnificent, intercultural real wedding this week. Our bride Reshma gives us the lowdown on her whirlwind workplace romance and the magical aspects of her D-day…
Bride-Reshma Bhonsle
Groom– Joseph Earley
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How did you meet?
It is a rather interesting story. We were work colleagues. Joe is British and relocated from the Edinburgh office in Scotland, UK to Dubai, whereas I had been in Dubai for 6 years. Joe used to make me giggle in the office telling silly jokes. The friendship grew and we fell in love. Our courtship was 2 years long and he was introduced to my parents when they visited Dubai. They liked him instantly and the rest is history.
Wedding date and venue and why you chose the venue?
 15th Nov 2013 , at the Royal court near Hotel Garden Court, Chandni Chowk, Pune
The lawns overlook the lovely city. We had a mixed guest list so we wanted to ensure the venue is liked by all and most importantly we loved it.
Your wedding dress/saris- where you purchased it from?
A beautiful red Sari , bought from Dulhan in Pune.
 Your wedding day and the best part about it….
I describe our wedding day in one word ” Magical”. It exceeded our expectations. We had done all the planning and decided to just let go and relax. Joe’s mum baked the best wedding cake with the perfect cake toppers . Our 1st dance was splendid. My mother and Joe’s dad made a heartfelt wedding speech. It was the best day ever.
  Any other ceremonies-Mehendi,Haldi ….
We had a lovely Sangtail (Sangeet/Cocktail) party at the 1Lounge in Koregaon park. Great place, great food, great music and most importantly everyone pulled some great moves.
Your wedding photographer, planner and any other decorator/vendors you used…
  • Decorator – Rahul Nawale
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Advice to other brides-to-be
Enjoy the planning and do not aim for perfection. What makes it perfect is the lovely couple who are perfectly made for each other.
Relax, breathe and enjoy your wedding day. This day should impress you; it is not about the guests as only the couple will remember the day for the rest of their lives.

All images courtesy Mehul Chimthankar

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