Real Weddings: Roohi-Joseph’s Elegant Interfaith Wedding by Creative Guilds Photography

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Roohi and Joseph’s wedding celebration is a true example of how  couples can combine their beliefs on their special day. The cute couple honoured Joseph’s heritage by having a beautiful Church wedding. All the same time, as Roohi says, “the wedding focus was also on the couple’s relationship rather than just on the rituals, food and music”.

Bride&Groom: Roohi-Joseph

Here are the details from bride Roohi:

Our story: Ours is a story where religion and culture feature with love. The focus of the wedding was not on decorations or food or the venue, rather it was a celebration of our relationship. A chance, maybe the only one, to show the world that love can truly survive even in trying times.

 Our wedding day: Our wedding was infused with small yet significant aspects that made up a part of our story. Starting with our choice of photographer, Ashish and Ritika of Creative Guilds Photography. Ashish’s camera was the first to capture us together four years ago. We were on an organized bike trip and Ashish was the official photographer of that trip. His camera saw us as a couple before we knew we were meant to be together.

cg7 cg2

Our pre wedding shoot: The pre-wedding shoot was a hoot for me especially because I am not too good with Cameras. But Ashish and Ritika knew that and worked around this setback very well. Joe and I had wonderful conversations and relived our days of dating while we posed for the camera.

prewed cg1

Other functions: The first function was my Haldi ceremony which was held as per the Khatri family’s tradition. We had the reading of the Quran followed by the bride’s entry and the Haldi ceremony. The photographs taken by Ashish and Ritika clearly show how my mood went from complete excitement to a sudden realization that the celebrations have begun and then to a happy tear rolling down my cheeks. The dancing that followed portray very truly the love and happiness that was around me on my special day.

cg6 cg5 cg14

The next function was the Sangeet. Complete with dance performances and the enthusiasm of the young crowd, this was a riot. We also had the opportunity to take pictures with family and friends. The youthful atmosphere of the Sangeet where even the old became young has been well captured in the photographs.

The wedding was held at Amala Matha Church. All around me, I could see  smiles and blessings. There isn’t anything more that I could’ve asked for. I was in love and those I loved were around me. As always, my emotions took me for a roller coaster ride and the camera has captured it all.

cg11 cg10 cg12 cg9 cg8 cg3

The reception was the final celebration which only magnified all the joy around.

cg15 cg13

To have Ashish and Ritika capture these subtle moments around us only added to the joy of reliving our wedding through the photographs.

All images courtesy Creative Guilds Photography

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