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 Inspired by the flavours of a destination wedding, Prerak and Swati’s Baroda wedding was full of colours, fun and food. From the bride’s gorgeous gorgeous wedding Lehengas to their romantic love story leading up to the big day, this wedding is brimming with unique ideas and inspiration for your wedding day….Thanks to Sandeep Gadhvi for sending in this one!

We met... – In a class of 100 people, Prerak came up to me and my friend and said “Hi Swati”. Coincidentally my friend’s name was also Swati and he was talking to her. I had already sort of fallen for him, as I had heard about him from another friend while he was playing the game of not giving me attention!
Our proposal... After talking over the phone for several nights, one night he said,”Will you be my girlfriend?”. I kept the phone on hold and went to my friends all excited and screaming, (we lived in a girls hostel).  Then I decided to kep him waiting for a while. I told him that I like him as a friend, but  Prerak was not one of those guys who would take no for an answer. So the next day, he saw me talking to another guy near our class, and texted me saying “I don’t like my girlfriend talking to other guys”. With such a cheesy line-I said yes to him a week later. The wedding proposal took place in Shimla where we were attending a friend’s wedding. In between the wedding, he took me aside, it was 14th Feb-Valentine’s Day , presented me with a beautiful watch and asked me to marry him..
 Our wedding theme/colours…Our wedding colors were revolving around turquoise blue and lavender, since we both love them, for the reception and orange-pink-red for the main day.
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My dress...After searching Mumbai Santa Cruz and Grant Road market for 2 days, I finally ended up in a shop, the last one I would . I wanted a pink and orange dual shade non-net lehenga which does not look too bridal. With such a specific choice, and the fact that I was roaming around looking for lehenga myself with friends, the shopkeepers weren’t taking me too seriously. In the end, I found one just half an hour before I would have missed my train home.
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My hair and make up… The wedding preparation got more and more special through smallest of things which I least expected. I have two elder sisters, the eldest one (Ruchi) is 8 years older than me and when I was a kid, she used to try her skills on me to get me ready for school functions or garba nights. So, I took a leap of faith and let her do my wedding make-up and there are absolutely no regrets. Apart from the fact that I looked the best ever, the time I spent with her was golden.
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His suit... We skimmed through Bangalore Commercial Street looking for Prerak’s Sherwani and Suits. As unique as he is , it was hard to find the best one. A very friendly salesman spent almost 5 hours with us to get us the suit.
Our ceremony… My other sister Shweta took entire charge of the wedding planning. My dream was a destination style wedding although I had to give those thoughts up, since my mom wanted to invite all her local friends. Shweta however took my words seriously and my wedding was held 25 kms away from the city near the farms to give it a destination flavour. With pool, music and the most ravishing decorations I have ever seen, it was no less than a dream destination style farm wedding ceremony.
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Sandeep Gadhvi wedding photography Baroda weddingsOnline India
We chose our photographer because… I was the incharge of finding our photographer. As the new trend was to look for a Candid Photographer, I searched on Facebook “Candid wedding photographer in Baroda“. First name that popped up was “Sandeep Gadhvi . I took a look at his portfolio, pre wedding shoots etc and he was simply brilliant. We talked to him on the phone. Never in my dreams did I imagine he would be so good. Looking at the wedding photos brings back all the joyful memories of the gorgeous days.
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Our menu… The menu had more than 20 dishes with things like Panch Ratna Halva and Cheese Tart. Modern yet traditional and everyone loved it. Credits go to my Dad and sis Shweta!
Our honeymoon… We went to Greece- Santorini and Athens. I wanted to go to Eastern Europe which has beaches while Prerak wanted  to visit historical places. So Greece was the best choice-a dream land for lovers!
My favourite part of the wedding day… Favorite part was that everyone was smiling throughout and I really felt  the love. The only demand from Prerak was to make sure no one cries during the Vidai  (bride’s departure) so he brought a fancy sports bike for the getaway-seeing which no one could cry!!
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My piece of advice for other brides… As everyone says, enjoy every bit of the day, bask in the attention and believe you are a princess not just for the day but all throughout!
Decoration – Labh Decorators, Ahmedabad
All images courtesy of Sandeep Gadhvi Photography.
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