Real Weddings: The Famous Flash Mob Wedding Proposal Couple Ties The Knot!

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Remember, a few months ago, when we had posted a (very viral) video feature on the famous ‘flash mob wedding proposal‘ in Chandigarh? Well, the famous couple has tied the knot!. At that time, we simply could not stop gushing about the daring young man’s planning and execution skills, and this time round we are all praise for his better half, lovely bride Balraj. She has sent in the details of her wedding day and everything that made it extra special.

Bride and Groom: Balraj and Arsh

Wedding Theme: Traditional Sikh wedding

Wedding Colours: Red, wine and pink

Wedding venue: Gurudwara in Chandigarh

Wedding 3

After the wedding proposal video went viral, a lot of people, even far off friends were excited

for our wedding. We chose a venue in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh which could accommodate a large gathering. It started off with a beautiful ceremony at the Gurudwara followed by the reception.

The Planning

Indian weddings can be really overwhelming with so many rituals taking  place; Arsh and I were discovering the new ones every other day :). Buying multiple attires for various functions in a short period of time was challenging but we did all the shopping together and made it fun. Planning so many functions back to back and paying attention to all the tiny detail was also quite difficult. However with the experience Arsh got from arranging the Wedding Proposal, we utilized all the contacts to pull off the wedding functions smoothly.

Wedding 4

Wedding 5

Wedding 7

Wedding 8

Wedding 9

Wedding 15

Wedding 16

Wedding 17

My Favourite Part of the day

After witnessing so many Indian weddings and especially after talking to our friends, we got to know a few wedding pitfalls to avoid.  Almost every other couple we talked to expressed regret over not being able to enjoy the food served at their own wedding. So Arsh and I were determined to avoid this and we pledged to have fun and ‘be in the moment’ as much as possible.

Most importantly, we took the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company during the ceremonies. We made sure to choose music that would be enjoyable to guests as well as to us. Between the ceremonies and rituals, we even managed to talk to loved ones and friends and grab a bite or two between the photo shoots! It was a lot of fun!!Wedding 22

Wedding 24

Wedding 23

My Advice for other couples-to-be

“Stay organized- but do enjoy every moment and soak up the love and happiness throughout the occasion. It is essential to have fun rather than stressing over the tiny details. Moments like this are rare and precious and you must make the most of them.

weddingsOnline India wishes the couple the very best for their future!!

 All images courtesy: Arsh and Balraj.

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