Real Weddings: Trishant-Prerita’s Wedding Photos Are Here!

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If you guys have been following our blog, you may have already seen Trishant-Prerita’s Sangeet and Sundowner event pics at the Renaissance Club Mumbai. Today we are presenting their wedding pics-a beautiful culmination of the 3 day celebration.


Trishant Sidhwani (DreamzKraft weddings) and Prerita Puri.

How they met

They met in the US, while pursing their Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. They were introduced to each other through a common friend.

Their proposal

Trishant knew that Prerita was a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. So he had the ‘King’ raise a toast for her and played on an AV. He also took Prerita’s father’s blessings for her hand in marriage while they were at a family vacation in  the Maldives. He later planned an exciting New Year eve the same year and invited their closest friends for the same. He popped the question at midnight. All friends maintained silence as the year turned, while Trishant asked Prerita to become his forever. Prerita was blown over by the amount of planning Trishant had put in for this surprise proposal. She had no choice but to say Yes! Says Prerita: “When I saw SRK raise a toast on the AV, I was left speechless and in shock. I had no idea Trishant had planned all this and was overwhelmed by his love!”

Bride’s dress

Sundowner: Sharnita Nandwana

Sangeet: Manish Malhotra

Mehendi: Half  Full Curve

Wedding: Jade

After party: Swapnil Shinde

Bride’s hair and make up

MUA Hriya Marfatia

Hair by Ritika Kadam

Groom’s suit

Sangeet, Mehendi and Phera outfits were by Ananke – Ajay Verma & Deepti Chugh in association with Half Full Curve – Rixi Bhatia who is Trishan’t cousin. She has known Trishant since he was a child and knew his personalityand what he would be comfortable in.  The Sundowner outfit and the After Party Tux was done by Govinda.

The ceremony

The ceremonies took place at the Renaissance Powai. On the 27th December was the ring ceremony followed by the Sundowner. On 28th morning was the Mehendi followed by grand Sangeet, which saw almost 1000 guests with presence of Bollywood celebrities. On the 29th December morning was the Chooda ceremony, followed by the Wedding in the evening and later an extravagant reception with an exotic cirque theme. 

Wedding coordinator/planner :


Trishant Sidhwani himself is the director, of Dreamzkraft. This brilliant wedding planning company leaves no stone unturned, from fixing venues to designing the décor to curate a remarkable wedding experience!

trishant prerita wedding

Wedding/reception venue

Mumbai Renaissance Powai, as most of their family and friends are from the city.

The menu

The menu on 27th December Sundowner and ring ceremony included North American, South American Cuisine, along with Eastern/Oriental dishes-all with a twist. For example, Bailey’s infused mushrooms, Jagermeister fish, MacN Cheese lamb burger with shot glasses of beer. Along with this Chilean Taco’s Mexican Burrito bowls and smoked grill poulet to name a few .

For Mehendi there was traditional and authentic North Indian food prepared by chefs brought in from Amritsar. For the Sangeet ceremony – they had Indian fusion with a twist.  The couple wanted to experiment with food in an innovative manner. With great talent and skills they presented Bourbon Jack Daniel Daal Makhani with Lebanese Zaatar Roomali Roti.  For desserts there were Magai Paan Jalebi, Salted Caramel Jalebi and so on.

For the Wedding ceremony guests could indulge in a variety of chaat ranging from Mathurawali Chaat, authentic Gujarati Chaat, along with some some regional Maharashtrian Street Food. This function also had other authentic chaats from all over India and chefs were brought in from various regions for the same.


To end all celebrations with a bang, the last ceremony was the Reception. This function has a modern cirque theme, with a blend of the Eastern and Orient, as the couple, wanted to end their wedding celebration on a high note.Some of the dishes guests enjoyed were authentic Japanese Sushi, Dimsum Bar, authentic Thai Dishes such as Keeng Phad Phak Ruam, Khiew Warn Phuk. The reception also boasted Asian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Malaysian and Korean cuisines.

The honeymoon

The couple is heading to South Africa for their honeymoon first and later on to Seychelles. Post that, they will travel with friends to Amsterdam and Finland to experience the Northern Lights. 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We wish them a very happy life ahead! Want to submit your professionally shot pre-wedding/wedding/engagement/honeymoon pictures/videos to us for publication? Simply email us the details at [email protected]! Get details here.

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