When To Reconsider A Marriage Proposal- Part 1

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We’ve been looking at how to have a dream marriage proposal in the past few weeks but in the next few articles, we’ll be touching on some rather sensitive topics that are unfortunately associated with marriage proposals as well.

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A marriage proposal for a girl is no doubt a dream come true, especially when one has already envisioned waking up to the same guy each morning for the rest of your life. However, in today’s world, it’s important to strike a fine balance between reality and fantasy so that you do have an happily ever after story to tell. What’s important to consider is whether you and your partner will work as a team to face the odds, once the honeymoon is officially over. The years that follow are often called the ‘make or break’ period by relationship experts simply because most couples either forge a strong bond together or end up drifting apart soon after. Here are a few reasons when and why it’s wise to re-consider a marriage proposal:

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If he has ill-treated you in the past– Being treated badly by a partner does not always mean getting hit or abused (although you should by all means walkout of the relationship if this does happen) because as experts say, these days the signs of abuse itself are much more subtle. It could be in the form of mild jibes at your full figure, maybe at the way you speak a certain language, comparisons to other more ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ women around or it could also be humiliating you in front of friends and family members. It’s possible that such mild verbal taunts may be a rare occurrence in your relationship and also that your partner may be a great guy otherwise, but it’s also such taunts that stay in the minds of most women and which slowly nibble away at inner confidence. You deserve to be treated with 100% respect irrespective of your background and no matter how many times he says ‘I Love You’, take a firm stand in reconsidering the marriage proposal.


If your family thinks otherwise- Blockbuster hits usually feature a couple or two who dared to walk out of their homes, into the unknown and who still found wedded bliss. If only real life love stories always turned out that way. But let’s be practical. Walking out on the respective families may sound very romantic but unless you both are that tough, it’s difficult to snap such family bonds. Parents, especially mothers have a very strong sixth sense when it comes to prospective sons-in-law and although you may have a very high opinion of your partner; it’s wise to listen to what your family may have to say about him as well. They will be able to give you a better non-biased realistic opinion about how successful your marriage will be, should you decide to go ahead. Getting defensive is easy but hearing your family out may help avoid serious repercussions in the future.


We’ll be back with the second part of this article next week.

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