Say Hello To The Anti-Bride : Part 2

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We are back this week with more information on how to be the perfect anti-bride. Anti-brides usually fall into one of the two categories: Un-traditional Brides and DIY Brides. So how different are these two anti-brides and what makes each of them stand out? Let’s take a closer look at the un-traditional anti-bride:


The Un-Traditional Anti-Bride: A traditional bride would be happy to dress up in red which is the much sought after ‘wedding colour’, irrespective of which Indian state the bride comes from. An anti-bride on the other hand would raise her eyebrows at the very thought of wearing expensive designer bridal wear adorned with crystals or zardosi. Moreover, she wouldn’t be averse to wearing unusual bridal shades like white, cream, peach, midnight blue, yellow or even black! Besides the offbeat choice of colour, an anti-bride likes to ensure that she can wear her bridal wear more than once. She’s not one to keep her lehenga or saree folded away in the cupboard after just one use.


Wedding ceremonies irrespective e of religion hold a special place in an Indian heart but anti-brides are all for re-writing the rules irrespective of whether it’s a pre-wedding ceremony or the main one. Couples actually writing their own wedding vows are a hot trend that’s doing the rounds as they feel it adds more significance to the ceremony itself. After all, a long-term relationship for life is no small feat and when personal vows that have been written after much thought are read out in front of friends and family, the term ‘commitment’ takes on a whole new meaning. Anti-brides who plan to add their own twist to any ceremony should take their friends and family members into confidence first. And who knows, your well-wishers may even be able to give you some ideas you wish you had thought of first.potted-favours

There’s no question of expensive return favours for the un-traditional anti-bride. But she is more than willing to open her heart and her purse-strings to help the less fortunate or to make a donation to a noble cause. Giving guests little potted plants in a bid to encourage others to grow more trees and to live green is another popular idea. And let’s not forget that she is also clever at convincing her wedding guests to be generous on her D-Day too!

Doesn’t the word DIY bride sound lovely? We’ll learn more about her in our next article.

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