What To Do If You Are Having Second Thoughts About Your Wedding Dress?

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Many a bride is known to have second thoughts about her wedding dress. The reasons are aplenty: she might have brought it in a hurry; in desperation thinking that she might never find ‘the right one’. The dress might not be fitting as well as it did when she tried it on first a few months ago. Alternatively, it might have been handed to her by her would be in-laws who might not have taken her choice into account. The reasons for hating one’s wedding dress are numerous. So what can you do in such a situation?

Here is some expert advice from top wedding planners.

First of all: you are not alone. Many brides-to-be have not just second thoughts about their wedding lehengas or saris, but also about other related accessories, menu choices, the guest list and, in some cases, even the choice of venue! This is especially the case in Indian weddings where most of these factors are decided upon by the bride’s parents, her in-laws or the other respected elders of her immediate family. Naturally, you must not beat yourself up over these issues.Try and be gentle on yourself: you have had a lot to deal with and remember that such situations are rather common.

Next, try and get an honest feedback about the dress from your friends/family members- someone whose opinion matters the most to you.( In Indian weddings, you will get a lot of unsolicited opinions; people are always willing to comment on your dress and makeup even though you haven’t asked them!). Naturally, the only opinion which matters in this regard is yours (as well as that of your fiancé’s). Once you get some honest opinions, try and assess the situation with a cool head:

Answering these questions can help you take the next step: beautiful Indian wedding lehenga

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  1. You could  try and visit the store to get the lehenga exchanged. Most stores will be willing to do so as long as you buy something of the same or greater value from them. If not: you could try and sell the outfit, albeit at a lower price, online.
  2. If exchanging or selling the dress is out of question, you could try and jazz it up using clever accessories like bridal veils, a heavy dupatta or even heavy jewellery. Most Indian weddings are usually characterized with very heavy jewellery and that can take the focus away from the bride’s dress significantly. Also, remember that once you exchange the varmalas/garlands, your lehenga/sari will be covered.
  3. Thirdly, ask yourself what you are worried about: is the dress not fitting properly? If yes, can you get it altered using the services of an expert seamstress?
  4. You can also ask your bridal makeup artist on the day to give you tips and recommendations or use the right colours to compliment the attire.
  5. If it is your wedding sari, you could have it draped stylishly to show off its best features.

Finally: remember that the only person that matters the most on that day (apart from you of course!) is the one standing next to you, ready to take the Pheras and the only reason why the party is being held in the first place. So go ahead and honour those moments. Nothing else matters.

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