The Second Weddings Series: Introduction

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The failure of a first marriage caused due to differences between the partners or in some cases, the sudden death of one of the partners can cause immense stress in almost every area of life. Besides the whispered ‘hushes’ that often take place between relatives, most people tend to lose confidence in themselves and wonder if they will ever be lucky enough to find their soul mate.



On a lighter note, couples who opt for a second marriage are more likely to be happier and to stay committed in comparison to couples who are married for the first time. Although some experts say that experience in the many demands of a marriage could account for this fact, others attribute it to better self-knowledge as well.


In a country like India where marriage is considered sacrosanct, failed marriages are often the subject of both curiosity and gossip. However, people’s perceptions are changing and although it may be slow, no one can deny that the wave of change is a sure and steady one. Women and men are accepting of the fact that there can be a much better life that awaits even as the doors to a bad first marriage are firmly closed.


At, we celebrate marriages irrespective of whether they aren’t the first, for what they are- celebrations that are from the heart and the start of a new auspicious journey. In this series exclusively dedicated to second beginnings and to the brave men and women who believe in an everlasting love story, we have articles ranging from why second marriages are great to how to prepare yourself for a second marriage to how to plan the wedding and so on. In short, everything you’ve ever wondered about second marriages will be addressed here on our site and you are more than welcome to leave any suggestions or feedback for us too. If you would like us to address any specific topics in relation to second marriages, feel free to talk to us.

Stay tuned every week for new articles in this series.



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