Selecting Bridal Jewelry

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Wedding is the most important day of your life and every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Jewelry is as important as your wedding attire and you need to make sure that is   perfectly coordinated with your wedding outfit. As a matter of fact, jewelry is the most important bridal accessory. You simply cannot afford to make a mistake as all the eyes will be focused on you.

Right from maang tikka to the toe rings, each and every piece of bridal jewelry needs to be selected while keeping your appearance in mind and at the same time; it should not make you uncomfortable during the elaborate ceremonies as we all know that an Indian wedding is a lengthy affair. In order to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding, do not compromise on comfort. Here are some tips that will help you in selecting the best possible jewelry with your outfit:

Maang Tikka

1. Jewelry should be bought after your wedding attire is ready, whether it’s a bridal lehenga or a bridal saree. This will ensure a perfect match between the two.  We recommend that you should take a photograph of your wedding outfit  while shopping for bridal jewelry. The jewelry should not only match with the color of your dress but also the type of embroidery.

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2. Make a list of all the jewelry items that you wish to wear from head to toe. Select each and every piece of jewelry so that the color matches with your dress. This will help to compliment your outfit and at the same time, the jewelry will not catch all the attention.

Rings and Hastaphul                                                                     Toe Rings and Anklets

3. If you prefer to have a bigger necklace, then your bridal top should have wide and deep neckline. This will ensure that the jewelry sits in place.

4. You may opt for different stone types for wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. This will add a variety to your appearance.

If it’s difficult to afford matching jewelry for every occasion, then in that case there is an option for hiring.

Article: by Shalz V

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